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12th Anniversary

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It's our 12th Wedding Anniversary

I can honestly say if I'd known then, what I know now, I'd have been even happier at our wedding. My love for him has only grown deeper over the years, and I continue to marvel at the blessing he is in my life.

To anyone waiting to find a soul mate, I will share my gram's advice. To have faith, and in the mean time to really live your life, pursue your interests. To not sit waiting for that someone to walk into your life.

I had made mistakes, quit dating for almost 10 years rather than make more mistakes and was becoming bitter. But then I was ready to open up and try again. The right person was there when I was ready, someone I'd have never met if I hadn't been pursuing my interests in life. And I believe that the right person is the right person - no matter the age difference (I am almost 14 years older).

You can call it fate or luck, but we both know that God brought us together - we were living on opposite coasts, in very different careers, are of rather different ages, yet we are perfect for each other.

I am so glad I didn't become so bitter that I quit believing I could find the right person for me, and I am so very glad I opened up my heart one more time.
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Happy 12th Anniversary- wishing you many happy years ahead!
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Thanks for sharing your relationship wisdom with us Pat.
A joyous congratulations on your 12th anniversary.
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Happy 12th Anniversary!!!
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Congrats to you both DH and I are more in love every day and we will be celebrating 6th anniversary early next year
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Happy Anniversary!! Today is our 2nd anniversary, and I can only pray we are as happy as you are 10 years from now!
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Happy Anniversary!

Dh and I celebrate our 20th anniversary tomorrow!
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12 years WOW WOW Happy 12th

not to hyjack but Happy Early 20th Snosrap5
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That is SO wonderful!!! Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 12th in December and I feel the same way as you do ...blessed.
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Happy Anniversary!!! Rob & I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary of being together the day we are married this coming February, and I hope to be as in love 12+ years from then as well.
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That was written soo lovely! Awww happy anniversary gorgeous! I wish you two many more wonderful years to come
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Happy Anniversary!! How wonderful
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Happy Anniversary and I wish you many more, We just had our 28th anniversary in July
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Happy Anniversary! I hope you have an even better next 12 years and beyond too!
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Happy Anniversary!! Today is our 2nd anniversary, and I can only pray we are as happy as you are 10 years from now!
Thank you...congratulations to you on your second anniversary!
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Thank you everyone. Dh surprised me (totally!) with a cake from our favorite "special times" bakery. It was so unusual (shaped like a gift box with a fabric ribbon around it) that I had him take a photo of it which I'll post later. And he bought me a present (wasn't supposed to, we did a joint purchase present to us already) of lots of sci-fi and fantasy books ""

We are going out for our anniversary dinner later in the week - Italian at a very, very well reviewed place we hadn't tried yet. I'll post a review
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What a sweet husband!! Congratulations on your anniversary!
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Happy Anniversay Pat!!
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