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Kitten Antics

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Ooooh the joys of having a kitten. Over the weekend Skye did things that make me wish there were video cameras set up. First of all on Friday night my bf and I were all snuggled up in bed with hot coco watching a movie on our new HD player. Skye decides she wants to hide behind all the wires as usual when POOF!!!! the whole entertainment area goes black. My first fear was that she chewed through a wire but when we turned on the main light there she was sitting prim and proper on the bottom shelf with this "It wasn't me" innocent look on her face. Then come Saturday morning I got up to use the potty and as usual Skye is sitting in front of the door crying to be let in. I finish up my business and before closing the toilet lid open the door to quiet her. Well she comes barreling in like a kitty from heck and jumps right into the toiley water and fur are immediately flying. I try to catch her but it was too late she had run into her litter box and had begun to roll around in it, then onto our bed. The moral here people remember to watch your kitties around water.
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Ahh, The joys of having kittens. It is amazing how much energy they have and how quick they are.
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omg that's too funny.

I have two kittens that like to jump into my pants when I'm on the toilet!
it's so funny they climb in them and curl up and start purrrrrring...
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Noodles took 2 toilet dunks as a kitten. Fortunately both times I was nearby. DH and I have always kept the lid down. It was just those 2 times that we had it up for some reason.... I have a friend that every time she comes here I have to remind her to put the lid down! Noodles may have grown up, but sometimes she still runs for it without looking!

Noodles was also my pants buddy when in the bathroom. She still tries to fit in them sometimes.
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