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Update on Virginia's Anal Gland Rupture

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Hi All - My baby had her surgery done on Saturday night and I brought her home Sunday afternoon. All in all she is doing ok, but keeps trying to lick at the area. She is wearing one of those cones, and it does seem to help. I think she is finally getting used to having it on.

The incision for the cleanup/drainage was about 1 inch long, so the vet had to stitch her up. The vet said it looked like the gland had been brewing for some time before it ruptured and she couldn't believe my baby didn't show any signs of distress. Of course, we all know how well cats can hide their pain.

Just wanted to post an update. She goes back in 2 weeks to have the stitches removed. I'm supposed to be putting hot compresses on the area every 4 hours, but she doesn't like it, so that has been a challenge.

Also, she hasn't been to the bathroom since I brought her home so that concerns me. She is back to eating and drinking normally today so I'm hoping she will go at some point tonight.
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Continued vibes for Virginia!
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Oh, the poor baby.
Sending get well soon and Prayers to Virginia.
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I am so glad that your sweetie is home.
Here are some poo vibes for Virginia.
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Well, I just got home from work and Virginia still hasn't gone to the bathroom - either one

I picked her up at 3:30 on Sunday afternoon and she hasn't gone since she has been home. She is acting fine...eating and drinking like a horse and is now asleep.

Should I be concerned yet? I know it can be dangerous for male cats if they don't go for an extended period of time, but what about females? I've never had this happen with a female cat before.

I thought for sure I would see something somewhere when I got home, but nothing yet...
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I would call my vet and ask if your kitty needs to be checked.
Better safe than sorry.
Let us know what they tell you.
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You might call the vet for your peace of mind.

When Leo had surgery in August, it was a full 6 days before he pooped (and yes, I called the vet after a few days). I don't remember how long it took him before he peed, but I don't think it was more than a couple days.

Remember that Virginia probably wasn't feeling good before she went in to the vet, and then she was fasted before surgery, and then recovering, so it might take her a while before there's enough in her system to get everything "up and running" again.

Sending healing her way. The worst part will be when she's feeling better, but still confined with the e-collar on. That was the most torturous for Leo, at least.
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I hope the vet was able to answer your questions. If the hot compresses are not possible perhaps you could set up a heating pad or electric blanket for kitty to lay on. Starbuck would not let me put hot compresses on her when she hadan incission that got infected so I draped my heated electric throw on the bottom of my bed and left it on low for her. She would lay on it herself and it helped with the swelling.
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Oh, your poor baby and a potty for her, for you. I'm sure she's just a little sluggish due to the fasting and surgery. I would definately keep the vet in the loop, but it's not unusual for a kitty to take a few days to get back into the swing of things after this kind of trauma.
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How is Virginia doing this morning.
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Thank you all so much for your posts... they put my mind at ease a bit last night.

The vet hasn't returned my call yet..Ugh... although it was late last night when I called so I'm hoping to hear from her today.

Virginia still hasn't gone.... I have her confined to a bathroom today so I'll see if she's gone when I go home at lunchtime today. If not, I'm going to call the vet again.
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Yes..if Virginia hasn't gone by the time you get home, it's critical that you speak to your vet.
I think that I would want her seen right away.
There certainly is no room for error after a surgery like that.
More "go" vibes on the way.
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Just an update on my baby girl.... the vet got back to me yesterday and wanted me to bring her in. So.. off we went last night. She felt her bladder and said it was not even 1/4 full so she must be going someplace. Well... this evening I finally discovered where she had gone. On top of my futon!!! I had a little blanket folded up on top of it because I know she likes to lay there. I noticed my other cat sniffing around and I decided to go over and smell it. Sure enough... the smell was enough to knock you over. I am so glad she finally went, but what a mess. Unfortunately it has soaked thru onto the mattress a bit, so I'm currently trying all my home remedies to try to get the smell out. Oh.... what we won't do for our babies.
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Glad the mystery is solved!

It's quite possible she's associating the litter box with pain at this point. It's somewhat common with cats who have urinary or anal gland issues. You might try a different type of litter (ie, pellets or Yesterday's News instead of clumping) and see if that helps.
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Thanks for all your support guys! Miss Virginia finally went in her litter box this morning! Yhippee!!!
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Oh that is wonderful news.
No more messes on your bed.
Thanks for the update.
Sweet Virginia
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