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ferals remember litter-mates?

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I found and took in two feral kittens - when they were about 8 weeks old.
I've been trying to capture others in the litter, but the location makes it difficult, as well as they left the original site and only come back for food, sometimes. It's been about 10 weeks since I took in the other two. I wondered if I am able to capture the other one or two in the litter, will they remember each other?
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Mabye over time, but it may take some time at first they probably wont. it would be like hey havent seen you for a while, are you the same cat we know? Littermates usually have a strong bond though at least thats what I heard.
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Hi Keith,
Thanks - I know of a mother and son, who knew each other right away after 5 years apart - but thought that brother/sister may be a little different.
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I'm convinced that cats can tell when they are genetically related. Many of my cats are genetically related because I pulled them from a single feral colony. Those cats get along better with each other than ones I know are not related.

So after 10 weeks separation? First of all they are still very young and 10 weeks isn't that long. I think they'll be fine.
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Thank you for replying, too!
I was soooo close to trapping one of them, tonight, but I'll make that a new post for advice.
But back on topic, if I can catch the other one or two, at what point should I re-introduce brother/sister?

Do you think it would speed up the socialization process?

Any ideas on whether the brother and sister who are very socialized, now, can be utilized to help socialize the still ferals, and how you might do it, would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm convinced that cats learn best from each other. If they come into a household and their cat friends are friendly with the "big scary humans", then they eventually learn that big scary humans aren't that scary afterall.

The ideal time to start socializing a feral kitten is by the time they are about 8 weeks old. Any later than that and they will be a little harder to socialize. I want to be wrong on this point but don't be surprised if they don't socialize as quickly as the first batch.

First order is to put the newly caught ones in a quiet environment where they don't feel that threatened. Get them used to a routine (feed at the same time each day, incorporate wet food into their schedule). Sit on the floor and read a book to them to get them used to your voice. When you see them relaxing in their environment, then try to reintroduce them to their siblings.

Here's a good thread on introductions: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67321

And if after all of this the newly caught kittens haven't warmed up to you, start playing with the more friendly ones in front of the new ones. Show them that the other kittens (who should now be their friends) are OK with you and they will soon jump in the fun.
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