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Did you send an e-mail to me and other catsite members? Attached to this e-mail is a .mp3 file called Towyardcomplaint.mp3

I never open attachments that come with mass addressed e-mails, you never know what they may contain. Some viruses gain access to your address book and then send out e-mails with the virus attached to all address book recipiants.

Could you please confirm that you sent this before I open it.

Sorry to be a pain :p
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If it helps, I didn't get one. I guess I'm not on the 'special' Cat Member list!

But I would see that as suspicious, unless you asked her for that mp3.

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BuNN, I got one too. I thought it was strange because I can't recall Debby ever sending me a joke or anything not straight forward. I just deleted it, because I don't have a sound card on my work machine anyway.
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I did a web search for the file name and it is the name of a .mp3 located on several servers.

I would suggest waiting until Debby appears and tells us whether or not she did send it out. It's currently stored on my Hotmail inbox, so it can't get me from there, eeeek!
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Don't worry BuNN your kitty army will protect you!
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No they won't, they're not real remember?
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That sounds suspicious to me. I wouldn't open it.
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WHAT!!! THe kitty army is not real?!!! I have been hanging catnip wreaths by all my doors for NOTHING! Coco is going to be so mad I used all her 'nip!
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Yes, Debby sent it. I got one as well as many other emails from her. I've gotten emails from Debby for a long time as she's the one who suggested I come to this site. I opened it and it is safe. You can always run your virus scan to double check emails with attachments you get before opening them.
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:laughing: OOPS!!!! Yes!! I sent it!!! Didn't mean to scare ya!! I just got it in an e-mail from a friend, and it was so hilarious I had to share it with some of the people I thought might find it funny and I still had your e-mail, BuNN, in my address book from Christmas, and thought you'd get a good laugh out of it!
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