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We are all moved in!

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It took all weekend but we are moved into the new house. Calamity and Skye are in hiding. I havnt let the foster kittens run loose yet. I want to make sure everythings safe before I do that. I still have tons of boxes to unpack but I will probably get them done tonight after work. Its been a long weekend. I'll post pics soon hopefully!
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Glad to hear the move went well!

[By the way, I love your furbabies' names! I'm from New Jersey, now living in South Carolina..]
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Good thing it went well! Half the battle is over now...whew!
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Yay!!! Glad to hear your moving went well!! Hopefully the babies will come out of hiding soon.

And have fun un packing!! I hate unpacking
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I just moved too! And last night I finally got my last 2 boxes unpacked. I hate packing... and unpacking... and moving... let's face it, there's just nothing fun about moving at all!
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Thanks guys. I got everything unpacked but now I have a huge pile of empty boxes in one corner. I still havnt seen Skyee or Calamity since I let them out of their crates. But food is dissapearing and the litterboxes are being used so Im not to worried.
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Be sure to check those "empty" boxes! Unless you are breaking them down for recycle.
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Congrats on the successful move into your new house!
Moving is a lot of work but fun at the same time
Hopefully Skye & Calamity are getting used to their new place
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