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What's happened to my sweet kitten?

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Hi all, haven't been here in a long time.

Wondering about my 3 yo female tortie. When I adopted her, her report was "sweet and sociable." Which she was for a long time. Then I introduced her to my boyfriend's XL male cat. They are totally BFF now. She was always sweet to strangers. Then, one day, she learned how to hiss. She doesn't like anybody who is not me or my boyfriend or his cat. She thinks my place AND his place are hers, and if any strangers dare to enter, she hisses and growls and carries on. Particularly at his place, she'll remain upset for a couple of days. I'll take her to my parents house, which she's been many, many times (they don't have any pets) and she spends the whole time on a cabinet and hisses at anybody who comes near her.

What gives? Is she just a super territorial female?

This has really been something that has been going on since she was about 1 yo. If anyone has any advice, I'll gladly take it!
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Females tend to be more territorial and get more upset about changes. And (even tho its not really proven) torties tend to have "attitudes" more then any other color cats.

Yes, you can't go by color, but it seems that the worse attitude cats are torties

I've had torties/calicos that were sweet little kittens till they grew up - then they all got that "tortitude" attitude Just something you have to take with the cat. There are exceptions, but sometimes it happens that way.
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I must completely agree with GoldenKitty...females have super attitude. My Merlynn was always the sweetest, most outgoing girl. She still is very nice to me and my b/f but whenever anyone else comes in the house she runs away and hides...fearing for her life. And now that we have a new kitten and my b/f has gone away to marine boot camp, she has stressed herself out so much that she has FUS. Guess she has grown up and this is her personality.

Good luck with your baby. Perhaps trying some Feliway or Bach's rescue remedy would help. ??
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Well, if it's just a little "tortitude," I'll take it. She's really a great girl - luckily I don't have too many visitors! And a small space so it's not easy for her to hide out.

I do get a good laugh out of her at my parents place. She does what I refer to as the "running hiss" where she trots through rooms and hisses at the same time. It's pretty funny. But I'll admit, the first time I heard her hiss, I was very sad. She loved everybody when she was a baby...

Thanks for the input. She can be a brat, but I love her just the same!
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