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Vaccine question....

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I know I should talk to vets about this, but all the ones in my area are money hungry so.....

I know in order to spay my kitty I have to get rabies shots, but since she is a strictly indoor kitty do I need to get any other vaccine for her? She had all her shots when I first got her, but it's time for her boosters and for her to get fixed, but the first round of shots were terrible. She got sick for days and I don't want her or myslef to have to go through that again. So does she absolutly need her shots?
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Yes, but now they have found that cats can go 2-3 yrs between the sets of vaccines. If she's had a full set of shots, then she doesn't need another for a few years.

I try to set it up so that the rabies and regular shots can be on the same timetable.
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No she does not have to have shots but if she is a kitten I highly recommend it.
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I guess it also depends on where you live. In the city of Oakland, CA, it is required by law to have a rabies vaccination. The vet sends the records to the animal control offices. I'm not sure how strictly it is enforced but I do it anyway because I travel a lot and no kennel will allow you to board without the required shots (including 4-in-1).
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I recommend looking at this
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Since your kitty has had a previous negative reaction to vaccines, I would discuss with your vet the idea of breaking up the Rabies and the normal Boosters into two different appointments, about 10 days to two weeks apart. When we choose to vaccinate, we are kicking their immune systems into high gear and the result is that they can and most do have a small reaction. Mine tend to run a low-grade fever for 12 to 16 hours afterwards. This is why it is important not to bulk all the shots into one appointment. It gives them a better chance of immunity and a smaller chance of negative reaction when the system isn't overtaxed with antagonists.
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