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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if this could be worms. First of all my kitty is a 7 year old indoor only, but I got her 2 months ago from a shelter that had 14 cats, that had indoor/outdoor access. The people said she never went out, btu that doesn't mean other kitties didn't bring things in....

Anyways, her main symptoms are a loss of a bit of weight, a little lethargic compared to normal and not very interested in eating, I can entice her with some tuna or cat treats, but she doesn't have interest in her good food.

I checked the skin at the back of her neck and she doesn't seem dehydrated (also I see her drink everyday), her ears aren't warm compared to my other cat, her nose is wet and when I press her tummy she isn't uncomfortable.

She is still drinking fine and excreting normally. I thought I'd wait a couple days to see if she was just a bit off but she hasn't improved (or gotten worse) so i am going to make a vet appointment for this week.

Does this sound like worms?? or something else??? I'm sure lots of people have had situations like this.....what was the diagnoses?? She is still alert etc. Just not her normal self.....
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I should also mention she eats wellness and orijines, I tried some nutrience to see if she was just bored with her diet, as well as her favourite wellness wet, but that didn't work.

Worms came to mind because I know it can take awhile for symptoms to show and I know they are usually subtle.....
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Sounds like she needs her first senior blood panel and a stool check
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What is a senior blood panel?? As for a stool check, is it ok to just bring one in from the litter box? Should I call the vet and tell her I want blood work and stool check ahead of time, or just call her and tell her the symptoms??
(new mommy questions.......)
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If other cats she was around went outside, its a good bet they picked up worms from the ground or from fleas and brought them inside.

If the litter pans are not cleaned every day or every other day, the worms from other cats poop can infect any cats using the pans.

So take her to the vet for a exam so they can check for presence of any types of worms.
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The shelter was a pretty busy place so I doubt they were cleaned everyday...... I'm def. getting her checked out this week. For worms I know they require a stool sample but I have 2 cats, not sure how to get one and make sure it's from her, unless I see her ofcourse.....any tips?h
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senior panel is a blood test for older and middle aged cats to hopefully catch organ or other senior issues early
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