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Warner Bros. Movies

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Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead".


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I suspect that in the not so distant future he will be back pedaling and making public apologies.
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When a couple goes to the movies, isn't it usually the woman who picks out the film? So, ladies, the answer is to boycott all Warner Bros. films with male leads. It shouldn't take this guy long to get the message.
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The president of production aught to look at movies at another angle; they need more depth, more imagination instead of 'fast food movies'.

It's not the 'women in lead' that's causing box office slumps, it's the content of the movie.

Give me the days of Bette Davis back!
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"fared poorly at the box office"

name of the game is make money, if they are not making that money , then they are not going to make them. but then again, if you look at the last movies they have made,, no wonder they did not make any.
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Among the 10 biggest flops (note: all leads are men):

"Battlefield Earth" (2000, Warner Bros. Pictures)
Budget: $73 million
U.S. Box Office: $21.5 million

"The Postman" (1997, Warner Bros.)
Budget: $80 million to $100 million
U.S. Box Office:$17.6 million

"The Adventures of Pluto Nash" (2002, Warner Bros.)
Budget: $90 million to $100 million
U.S. Box Office: $4.4 million
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How about this?

No more corporations with men as the leading president?

I think this guy should really pull his head out of the hole in the ground *for lack of more endearing words* and take a look at WHY these failed. It wasn't the woman. The plots just looked horrible from the beginning.

For example I LOVED Nancy Drew novels as a kid, but that movie just played NO interest to me. They were trying to redo another Brady Bunch movie and it just flopped. If it doesn't work, either update the character or go back in time. Don't try to mix the past with the present.
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"Both Jodie Foster’s The Brave One, Emma Robert’s Nancy Drew, Hilary Swank’s The Reaping, and Nicole Kidman’s The Invasion fared poorly at the box office"

Now if i remeber right al of those have been in the last couple of years. Big names that made no money,

Is it cause there where women in lead roles??? . i would say no, i like Jodie Foster, but dont like her choice in moves, as for Nicole Kidman, could not pay me enough money to see one of her movies.

less to do with females, then the choice of what movies to make i think
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I say boycott Warner Bros movies until they fire that idiot I have some male friends who went to see the new Jody Foster movie, and they said it was great. Maybe we women should support movies with female leads more, and make it our business to go to only movies that feature female leads. Let's not depend on the men to take us to movies, because they are usually only going to want to go to movies with male leads.
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