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Suggestions and Link for harnesses

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Hi, i recently just got a bengal and boy does he have a lot of energy to burn ^__^. Too much in fact since he is a kitten. its almost non stop so far i haven't had a problem getting him tired enough to go to sleep when its bedtime. The problem is when he gets up and in the evening when i'm trying to get my homework done. because he has so muhc energy he bounces around the room jumping from area to area and because he is still small he often midjudges jumps and falls. I want to prevent these falls because i don't want him to get injured and i figured if i could harness train him, i could take him for walks outside every couple of 76hoyu9rt (he walked across my keboard there) hours to burn off his excess energy so that he won't bounce around as much at least until its time for his play time.

Any suggestion on harnesses would be helpful and if possible please also provide the links where i could buy them thanks.

PS: he is 11 weeks old so he kinda tiny.
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H style aka little dog .... a walking jacket is best ( might fit a rabbit jacket now) .... PLEASE wait till he has all is shots prior to walking outside....

most pet stores have at least one style
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I like Roman Style dog harnesses, like this
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Hi, I use a "Freedom" harness on Ares that is made by Gooby. I got mine at the online store, the Cat Connection (www.thecatconnection.com). They carry S, M, and L. If your cat is under 6 lbs, you will need an XS, which can be found online at different pet boutiques. I like it because it is very durable, the material is pretty comfortable, and the elongated portion of the harness is under the chest, not on top of the back, meaning that if you pull on the harness, the neck of your cat is not pulled Here's a photo of the harness:
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I have Lupine H-Harnesses for Raven & Nabu. Roman style dog harness for Stimpy. (He didn't fit the H-harnesses I bought, and it's easier to try on and return to a local store, LOL)
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I use http://www.catwalkingjacket.com/. VERY secure, and apparently cats prefer to feel more 'enclosed' so are less tempted to try to escape.

Good luck burning the energy!

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I use the Lupine harnesses for Abby.
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thanks for all the information and help i really appreaciate it. For my bengal i decided to go with a H harness designed for toy dogs and puppies since he is still small. but as he grows older i'll get a larger H harness. As for my other cat i've decided to go with the roman style harness. Does anyone know of links to other threads or websites that can explain the best way to harness train your cat thank you.
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This looks like a page with sensible advice:


I tried it a few times with my Siamese mix, but he just lay down with his legs tight against his body and looked up at me. "How can I walk on a leash? I have no legs."

It still cracks me up.
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