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End of the journey for Hannah  

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I've decided to have Hannah (16) put down this evening. Her water drinking has continued/increased and incontinence has also. Last night I was almost sure I was going to do it this week sometime but before I went to sleep I thought, "I just wish she'd give me some sign..."

This morning, the pet bed was wet, I put a clean cover on it (had washed it late last night as it was wet). Within 20 minutes, it was wet again and she was heading back and forth from water bowl, to litter box, to bed, to floor. She peed voluminously 4 times in less than 2 hours. She also seemed quite restless. I put a call into the vet's to order a sedative and make arrangements.

I went to the grocery to buy some Fancy Feast to put the sedative in later. When I got home, there was diarrhea on the bed. That was my sure sign. She's remained restless/drinking/etc and just isn't herself. I know it's time.

Please send up good thoughts that her passage is peaceful--that she will eat the food with the sedative and that she doesn't have undo stress at the vet's. Hannah does not like people or handling so this is even harder for me as she won't allow me to comfort her as I'd like. That is also the reason I'm not pursuing anymore diagnostics or treatments.

I'll update when it's over.


Hannah a few years ago:
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O, how sad for you
Hannah is lucky to have a caring and loving owner.
For Hannah.
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I am so sorry. It seems that she had a good life with you. I had to make that hard decision for my 17 year old, Princess, two years ago.
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I'm so sorry, but you doing this for her is the ultimate gift.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Hannah. I know you are making the right decision.
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I'm so very sorry it has come to this for you and Hannah.

for you and for Hannah.

May her journey to the bridge be swift and painless
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I'm so, so sorry. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers this evening. Please let us know how you are doing. You are not alone... many of us have been there. Sending hugs
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for you for a easy pasage for Hannah
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Many many ***hugs**** to you and Hannah.
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Oh Cally...
what a sad time for you.
I will keep you and Hannah in my thoughts.
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Awww she is pretty little calico too. But you know her better and don't want her to suffer any more. Remember she will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.
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I have been thinking of you and Hannah since your last post a few weeks ago.

This is the hardest decision, but the one that will help Hannah the most now.

Lots of love coming to both of you from me and my crew.
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Aww she is soooooooooo precious!!! She is so pretty. I'm so sorry you and hannah are in my prayers. You are making the right desicion it is so hard to do but it is harder to watch them suffer. I've been there when I was 20 when I had to have my cat abby put to sleep she had cancer, the vet said. It was so hard for me, I'm now 39 and still miss her. But she was put out of her suffering. I pray that it is quick and painless and Hannah goes peacefully. Donna
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I'm sorry to hear about Hannah. But it sounds like you are giving her the final gift of letting her go before she suffers too much which is the mark of a true animal lover. I hope she goes peacefully. I'll be thinking of you both
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I'm just back from the vet's. It went fast, and with much compassion. Hannah loved to wedge herself into shoeboxes to nap and I took her last one along and they placed her in there after her death. When I got home with her, I took the box in and let my 2 dogs and 2 other cats sniff the box as long as they wanted. They seemed to know what had happened and are very somber. My husband and daughter are now on the way to my parents' ranch to bury her in their "pet cemetery." She will be laid to rest next to Cleo, my retired racing greyhound who passed 4 years ago. Hannah loved Cleo the most of anyone in her life.

So, I've come full circle. I saw Hannah, my very first cat, from adoption at the animal shelter (a mere 1.2 pounds of attitude) through to a dignified end.

RIP Hannah, I'll miss you. Run with Bonnie, Cleo and Harry.....

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Please when ready post in the Crossing the bridge forum about Hannah
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I am so very sorry for your loss. What a heartbreaking time for you

out of the deepest respect I will close this thread. Please post in the RB when you are ready.

RIP Hannah
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