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Hills Science diet CD vs. Royal Canin SO

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I know this question has probably been asked before but my searchs aren't bringing up everything I need to know.

I called the vet's office this morning about barfy Max and said I wanted to order the Science diet canned chicken.

The vet got on the phone and suggested Royal Canin SO instead of the Science diet CD. She said that she is putting all the new UTI kitties on the Royal Canin vs. the Science diet now. She stated that I could mix the two for awhile and Max would be fine. She said sometimes kitties just need a diet change. She did leave it up to me and said I could continue with the Science diet if I wanted.

My questions if I swith Max would he get bad digestive upsets?

What do you all know about Royal Canin SO - is it really better?

Should I even consider a switch since Max has never gotten a UTI on the Science diet?
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It sounds like he's not tolerating the Science Diet if he's throwing up. I think it would be worth slowly switching to see if the new food is easier on his stomach. My vet said that most cats seem to like the Royal Canin better than Science Diet (I was asking her about it for my boyfriend's cat who won't touch the Science Diet canned food. I don't have any personal experience with it, but I would probably give it a try to see if it helps.
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No personal experience here either but my vet is picky and keeps some RC RXs in her office
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