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I really hope this was a psychic fluke...

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Penny simply amazed me last night. Or should I say, this morning...

Today I have a vet visit for Ginger, her annual, and if I can catch him, Ferris is coming along too, for bloodwork only. (He tested as having borderline anemia back in May.)

The vet's office left a phone message on Friday afternoon, that as the appointment is for 2 p.m. today, that I should make sure that Ferris fasts for a minimum of 8 hours prior to his bloodwork. That meant that I needed to pick up all food dishes by 6 a.m. this morning.

Last night before I went to bed, I told myself that I would pick up the dishes on my regular, 2-3 a.m. bathroom call. But I forgot, and just went back to sleep.

At just 6 a.m., pretty much exactly, Penny came into my bedroom and started to meow, and meow and meow, and meow. Not too loudly, thankfully, because Bengals can be SO loud, but steadily, with a "calling" kind of meow.

After oh, 5 minutes of this it pulled me from consciousness enough to turn on the light to LOOK at her, because in the 4 1/2 months I'd had her with me, she NEVER comes into my room at night - I thought something was wrong!

So I turned on the light, looked at her - she looked at me, looked away toward the area my alarm clock is, and settled herself down, giving another dozen or so meows, until I looked over, through my sleep-fog, at the clock. That's when she stopped meowing.

And it was 6:05 a.m. And the cat food was still on the floor.

I got up, got the dishes off the floor, and went back to sleep. She didn't bother me again, and I slept nice and late until 10.

If she wakes me up again tomorrow morning, I'll know it wasn't a fluke, and learn how to deal with what could be a serious problem, waking me up like that...but I tend to think that she was simply doing the work of helping to take care of her buddy Ferris, because obviously, meowmy dropped the ball on that one...

Now, if I could just get her to get HIM to walk into his carrier all on his own...but that might be too much to ask.

Penny will be getting some extra special treats and attention later today, once we are all home from the vets.

Good girl, Penny, for waking me up at exactly the right time!

I'm still amazed by this...was it a fluke? Or did she really know...?
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I think she knew! What a good girl you have! Give her hugs and love from me today okay?
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Awww Penny is a smarty pants Did she by any chance hear the message on the answering machine?

Trout was a scamp this morning, she always wakes me up early on the weekend and messes around in the bedroom SO ANNOYING.
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Well unless you "told" the time, I'm not sure.

My Mitten could read the clocks and tell time. It didn't happen just once but several times. On Saturday I didn't like to get up early (like I had to do before work), but Mitten wanted his breakfast. So if he tried to get me up and I wanted to sleep in, I'd tell him "get me up in an hour (or the time - like 7am)". And he would go away, come back at that hour and pester me awake again. I'd look at the clock when he would do it and sure enough it was almost exactly the amount of time (usually within 5 mins).

Mitten and I were pretty psychic with each other, so I don't know if I "gave" him a mental picture of what time the clock would look like at that time or what, but it happened more then once to be a coinsidence!
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Wow, that's amazing! I think she knew.

Lily woke me up one night because Oberon accidently closed himself up in our front room during the night. Cats are so smart!

Hope all goes well at the vet for Ginger and Ferris!
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Not only did Penny hear the answering machine message on Friday, but she overheard me telling my roomie the same thing last night.

I don't know that I "sent" a picture of 6:00 on the digital, but I may have without realizing it.

Now I'm trying to just wait out the time before I need to put the kids in their carriers. I have a rigging made from cardboard boxes (flat) and picture frames so that I can go into the kitchen, pretend I'm getting cat food or treats, which should get Ferris (and the others) to come into the kitchen, and then block off the doorway.

I asked Ferris earlier to please not be scared and to try to cooperate with me so I could take him with me and Ginger on her visit.

I'm asking him to help me to take care of him. He's been on my lap several times today already. I'm keeping my

I promised him that he will come back home with the both of us, and that I will not be leaving him there.
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It might be Penny's way of getting Ferris out of the house...
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What a good girl!
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[quote=GingersMom;2005151]Not only did Penny hear the answering machine message on Friday, but she overheard me telling my roomie the same thing last night.

I don't know that I "sent" a picture of 6:00 on the digital, but I may have without realizing it.


I think Penny knew, and you said it yourself in the above quote, cats can read pictures in their owners mind!

Can't tell you how many times my cats KNOW it's bath time, even though I try my best to keep my mind clear of this event, little furry mind readers!

ETA: I vary the time of their baths, I do them on different days, THEY STILL KNOW.
I make believe I am starting to cook, so they will not think anything and come into the kitchen, then I can grab one of them. I know how to trick them too.
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Sometimes they truly amaze us, don't they? I do believe that some of them, at least, can see the images in our minds -- sometimes there's just no other explanation!
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Wouldn't surprise me in the least if what she did was deliberate, and precisely timed. While I don't for a minute believe they tell time in the way that we do, I think we transmit other information about certain times that allows them to measure it accurately in their own terms.
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