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My Black Is Gone....But Not Forgotten

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My baby boy Black had to go to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. As some of you may know, I had him at the vet on Friday with a upper respiratory, he progressively was getting worse over the weekend. Last night, I cradled him in my arms all night long, for fear it wouldn't be long. My DH and I washed his lil face and eyes and tried to force some fluids. But, it was no use, he couldn't swallow the water that we were trying to give him. He was suffering so bad, he could hardly breathe. This morning, I rushed him to the vet and he said there was nothing he could do. He checked his gums and the insides of his ears, they were as yellow as can be. Parasites had attacked his liver and he would never pull out of it. If only I had thought to check his gums and ears, maybe just maybe!!

So I took him in my arms and cuddled him until he was gone, even after he had passed, I couldn't let go! And now as I set here with tears streaming down my face, I am hurting so bad that I can hardly stand it!!

Oh Black, I loved you so much!! Your mommy will never forget you!! You gave me so much pleasure and joy the short time we had together!! I Love and Miss You Already!! !!

Be happy my baby boy, your health is now restored and you will suffer no longer!! I LOVE YOU!!
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Oh Paula...I am so very sorry Bless sweet Black he is waiting for you now at Rainbow Bridge. RIP Sweet boy
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Oh no Paula!

I am so very sorry. I had no idea he was so sick

Rest in peace, sweet boy.
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Oh the poor baby, i'm so sorry

Stay in here and post as long as you need us, because this is such a lonely time for you

Black, theres a candle lit to help you safely over the bridge

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I'm sorry. *Hugs*

R.I.P Black.
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Paula~I am so sorry.

Black may you RIP.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP Black
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oh no, Paula! I'm so sorry RIP Black
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so sorry to hear Black had to leave you... he's happy & healthy once more!
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I feel for you. It's a terrible time, but feel better knowing blackhas safely crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. There was nothing you could have done to stop was his time to go. Rest in Peace, sweet Black.
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I'm so sorry, Paula.

RIP Black
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I am so sorry you lost your sweet little baby Black. Many to you at this sad time.

RIP sweet angle Black
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Oh Sweetie ........ we can all what if ...... you loved him and took care of him, thats whats important. Rest In Peace Baby.
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I'm so sorry, and sorry that I didn't see this before. RIP sweet Black.
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I'm so sorry about Black. I know how it is to be second guessing yourself and thinking about all the "what if's." But please try not to do that to yourself. Black knows you loved him and gave you a good home.
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