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Daily Thread Oct 8th 2007

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Morning All

Little late getting to the thread today, am doing it from work because I had no power at home this morning. Was a traffic accident at the end of my street earlier and one of the transformer poles was hit. Don't think anyone was seriously hurt thank goodness.

Cloudy and actually quite warm today, very sticky and humid. Going to be at the office for only a short time, it's a stat holiday so not much going on. I had few things to organize for tomorrow.

Am hoping the power is back on by the time I get home, I have some housework to do. It is funny how much we take hydro for granted until it isn't there.

The cats were both snoozing when I left and I imagine they will be in the same spot when I get back.

Everyone have a good day....Happy Thanksgiving Canadians
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What a morning already for you! I'm just sitting waiting for class to start. I have an hour break today.

It's cloudy here, nothing much other than a little rain. I believe we are supposed to have some sort of storm this evening though. I sure hope so. I just love storms, as long a tornado doesn't come out of it. Global Climate Change is making our world crazy though, we've have 3-4 tornados well out of tornado season in just the counties surrounding us.
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Woo, I'm playing hookie from work today! But I think after working 51 hours last week, I deserve a day. I actually DIDN'T feel so great when I woke up anyway. But this weekend was a long one ... Saturday both Rob & I went to work - I worked from 11am-5:30 (voluntarily, mind you!) and went to see how Rob was doing on his side-job he was working on. Needless to say he did not get done with that until 3am!!!! So I was there from just before 6, until 3am Sunday with him, trying to help get it done. The guy who owned the car didn't want to leave it in the bad area of Charleston overnight, because it'd either be stolen or vandalized. We got home after 4, then got some food at a diner since we hadn't eaten anything since 6pm the night before. Got to bed just before 6am.

Then last night, we got to bed kind of late, and we already had been debating about staying home from work to catch up on sleep. Rob's mom came down and asked if we were sleeping, because his brother was stuck at a restaurant - the truck wouldn't start. He has a touch of death for cars, since his Jeep has been broken for 2 weeks now! So at 11pm, Rob is getting up and going to see if he can get it to work. I was up for awhile, then kept waking up occasionally (of course worrying, when it was almost 1am!) He didn't get back until 2am. So we decided no workin' today, and he had to fix the cars so the family isn't short 2 cars.

I think we might run some errands today too, since its rare we get any days to do stuff (as you can imagine, with working 50 hours!)
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Afternoon everyone! Well, it's sunny, hot and humid today (it IS fall, right?) and we're still waiting to get our a/c fixed. Now, they won't be able to come look at it until Thursday. But, we have a floor unit that at least keeps the bedroom cool at night, and we have 2 window units in storage that DH is going to dig out later today. We just didn't see the point if it was only going to be for 2 days (it went out Friday night) but if it's going to be for most of the week we need them!

And, today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! We're not really doing anything special. I need to go to the market later to get stuff to make dinner. We're having Italian breaded steak (secret family receipe...lol). I only make it for special occasions and yes, I did wait until we were married to tell him the "secret" ingredient.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I agree with the weather-its 85F outside but the real fall weather should be moving in later today!!

Planted alot of stuff yesterday and this morning I planted a bunch of spring bulbs.
Slowly the landscaping in front of the house is taking shape.

Will sit in front of fan later this afternoon relaxing my sore muscles from yesterday!
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
And, today is our 2nd wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!!

Well B and I started to explore our town a bit. We walked to a fest that was going on down the road, but since it was mostly kids we went to a restaurant instead.

There we met a few locals who told us about the town and area. The funniest part about the night was their perception of Michigan people. Apparently we all hunt (not SE Detroit tho) and I say Labatts funny. The bartender has only heard Labatt's pronounced as "La-baughts" rather than "La-bats" (as in snap or crack).

Oh yea, and todays my birthday...I'm a big fat 3-0.
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Happy anniversary calico2222!

And a Happy birthday to you lunasmom
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Good afternoon kitty lovers

Happy Birthday Jenney!!

I am chilling at home today..cleaning and intermittently watching tv and eating as well..good stuff

Hope ya'll are having a good one!
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