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Charlie's Show Results

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We got home after midnite (Sunday nite) and just got up about 9am

We knew it was gonna be tough (45 alters) in the class. Charlie got 2 more finals towards Grand

3rd Best Alter Specialty (SH only)
8th Best Alter Allbreed (LH/SH)

He's up to 5 finals (needs 6 and two in the top 5 AB), so we still need a few better finals. We are thinking he could do it at December's show with less alters in the class

While Charlie didn't get a lot of finals, us people got some really cool stuff from the raffle table We got a nice glass cookie plate (large) with cats etched on the back. A new snuggle bag bed for Charlie IN LEOPARD SPOTS. And a fake lambs wool jacket with cat head buttons. The jacket is too big, but will have that altered so it fits better.
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Congrats to Charlie!
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Tough show indeed but hey, good finals! Well done Charlie!
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good job Charlie!
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BTW there was a 13 yr old Burmese being shown in the Alter class and he was in WONDERFUL condition! He took several top awards in the Alter class. Really impressive too since he still enjoyed the shows
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Well done Charlie
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Doing a happy dance for handsome Charlie's success
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