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Yet another Pepper issue, lol.

Ever since the kittens I was fostering went to their new home(about 2 weeks ago) Pepper has been REALLY depressed. The weren't her kittens, but she treated them as if they were. When they were gone she spent a couple days looking for them, once she realised they were no longer here, she just laid down in a cubby-hole on my computer desk and hasn't really left since then. She comes out to eat, drink, and go potty, that's it.

She's not spayed yet, but she has an appointment to be fixed this Sunday. do you think that will change her behavior?

She came here almost a month ago and used to live on the streets because her owner didn't take care of her. I'm guessing she's about 2-3 years old, but she might be older. She has had(from what I heard) about 3-4 litters of kittens. She has never played since she got here. I don't think the poor girl even knows HOW to play.

Anyways, do cats get depressed? If so, how can I get her out of depression? I'm so worried about her.
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Get her a new kitten, only one that'll stick around!
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I wish I could, lol. However, I already have too many kitties.
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