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To Honey & her unborn kittens.

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I am so sorry that we could not do more for you sweet girl. By the time we got you FIV had already taken your blood, your stength and any chance at a good life. At least your last days were warm and safe. We sent you to the bridge to be in peace. To your unborn, I'm so sorry we couldn't bring you into this world, but the risk was too great. You will never know pain or suffering as your mother did and for that I'm greatful.

Honey & her unborn R.I.P.

(The vet told us that Honey was too far gone to save, even a blood transfusion would not have saved her life. She said the best thing we go do for Honey was to end her suffering)
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oh gosh, I'm so sorry for that poor girl RIP Honey
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RIP Honey, knowing you and your babies were loved.
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Oh the poor baby Honey you were loved, and they made sure you had a quality of life

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Rest in peace Honey. May you and your babies find love and happiness at the bridge.

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So sorry.

Honey and her unborn-
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Rest In Peace, Honey you and your sweet babies are healthy now.
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That's too bad. You did the best thing for her.

RIP sweeties.
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RIP Honey and the babies
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Thanks everyone. For me it's the ones that I can't do anything for that tend to be the hardest, but I know in my heart we did the best thing for her.
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I'm so sorry about Honey and her little babies. I know what it feels like to lose both. We were breeding Persians, and during the delivery, there was a breach, and mom and babies all died. We could never endure such pain again and thus we no longer breed.
You did all you could even though you feel like you could always have done more. Poor little angels.
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