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Music Industry

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I just found this story

What do you think about it? What Percentage of people that do the p2p downloading actually get caught?
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By law a Federal representative (in the U.S.) or someone from the cable company acting unbiased towards the situation has to monitor the amount of traffic traveling to each of your modems. If they notice an that you are downloading music or any copyrighted materials, then by law your ISP is suppose to send you a letter stating that you are to stop downloading or they have the privilege to stop your service.

Typically it doesn't go that far. the DRM wants the money first and by then the party probably can't afford the internet. From what I heard, they don't really worry about your downloading habits unless it totals $2000 - 2500 or more in damages.

Yes I have downloaded music illegally before, but have changed my ways since people started to get fined. I really like iTunes in the fact that you can preview the music before downloading it. Then if I'm not sure I don't have to pay the 99 cents. Besides it works for me because there were just too many albums I bought as a teenager that the only good song on there was the one I wanted the album for.

Some ISPs do not follow the law though. Even after people first started getting slapped for fines, one local ISP never slapped a friend of mine.
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i dont do the file sharing thing, i steal my .. er i mean make back up copies for people and the libary
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I have no objection to paying for music, but I am no longer willing to fund the music industry.
So I guess all those lawsuits don't work on me. These scare tactics just anger me. Just like the industry's decision to charge store owners for music they play in their stores and attempts to shut down internet radio.

Actually, I'm pretty sure sharing music files for personal use is legal in Canada.
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In Canada, it's legal to download music for personal use. If you download it and then sell it however, then you can get a fine.
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I saw that on the news the other day.

I live in Canada and it's 100% legal to file share. We have to pay a levy on all blank recordable media including CDs, DVDs, Audio Tapes, VHS Tapes and any machines that they can be played on. The money collected is like an internal tax of sorts and the company has to submit it to the government.

The money is then redistributed back to the music industry. As for how it's distributed I don't know.

While I download music I also still buy some CDs if I happen to like most of the songs. But if I only like 1 or 2 songs from it, I am not going to go and spend money on the whole CD, and as much as I like Metallica, I don't care how they feel about that!
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