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Belly Rubs!

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Does your cat love to have its belly rubbed?Grayski my Siamese loves his done! He starts rolling around,purring,rolling his eyes, in pure bliss! He is so cute!He will even come to us and rolles on his back intill we do it for him.I would;t know what to do without him!
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Belly rubs are a tricky thing with Ivo. I have to wait until she's really relaxed and stretched out during a petting session. Then, I can gently pet her, only under her front legs. She'll let me give her a brief pet or two on her tummy pooch, but gets defensive if I do too much.
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Leo LOVED his tummy rubs. He would flop around on his back and purr like mad.
The 3 I have now don't care for them. They all have pretty sparse hair on their tummies, but Leo had as much fur on his tummy as on his back. I wonder if that would make any difference?
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Molly likes to have her belly rubbed. Faile tolerates it for a few minutes, then it becomes a game of attack the hand. She only likes to be petted when she wants to be petted.
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Balie loves it, Fifi will tollerate it for a little while, Ferdy will tear my arm off. I've got a nasty 2-week old scar on my hand from my last attempt to rub Ferdy's belly.

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When Coco does her roll and wiggle routine, she will enjoy a short belly rub. But if you go anywhere near Ed's ample belly, you'd better have quick reflexes!
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Trent loves getting his belly and chest scritched. In fact, when he's snuggling with me on the couch (I have to hold him like a baby with his back in the crook of my arm ), he will move his legs and make me put my hand on his tummy when he wants to go to sleep. It's so cute.

Ophelia is a different story. Touch her tummy and lose your arm, period.
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Leo loves his belly rubbed, he asks for it when ever I come home, and when he is waking up or napping and I come near him, he will even make a chiper sound, while on his back if I don't rub his belly..
Piper, is like Ophelia, only time she has aloud it is when she is just waking up and streching on the bed, but once she fully awakes you hand better be gone!
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All my girls love belly rubs! Josephine has loved it since she was a kitten. She loves to lay on my lap on her back and get her belly rubbed.Sometimes she grabs a hold of my arm with her two front legs and squeezes them like she's giving it a hug! Auxana flops over as soon as you come home to get her belly rubbins. My feral Sarah used to hiss at me when I first took her in. I'd put my hand out so she could smell it, but she'd just hissed more. The only thing she liked was if I put my hand on her belly and rubbed. She'd stop hissing, then she'd flop and squirm and start to purr!
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