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A Poem By Helen Robst

When the weight of reality clouds the possibility of dreams
You can borrow my rosey glasses

When the shadowing world crushes your goals
You can join me on cloud nine

I will show you the way
But you have to travel it
I will help you conquer your obstacles
But you have to climb over them

I offer my hand
To push you
To guide you
And to comfort you
But you have to except it

I will always be here
You don't have to ask
You don't have to answer
You don't have to call my name
All you have to do is want me here

You have to swallow your pride
In thinking that you can do it alone
You have to locate your greed
And make it eat it's words
You have to accept the pain
And when it feels like you can't go on
You have to want me here

When it feels the road is too long
I'll take half the steps for you
When it feels the water is too deep
My shoulders can carry you
When it feels like your alone
I am here with you

I can push you along, but you have to be willing to budge

The world is a dark place
It will kick you when you are down
It will be the thorn in your side
When everything smells as sweet as a flower
And it will be me...
The sun in your sky
So bright that you can't look
The stars in the grayest night
Shinning through the clouds
The cool rain drops falling on a summers day

I am all around you
In your love
In your memories
And in your heart