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sig size check?

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Would someone check the size on this for me please? Thanks

Okay, editted to say that I now know it is too big (sorry, I just got Photoshop, and haven't quite figured out the resizing thing on it... )

So...could someone resize it for me, please (and/or tell me how to resize in pixels in Photoshop? ) Thanks!
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It is too big in two ways, the first is pixels in height, so go to

Image > Image Size > where it says height and has a value of 188 type 150 (or 134 if you would like to add text over / under your sig

Then click on File > Save for Web

If it is not on the option for 2 up, change it to that so you can see the original and low resolution versions side by side, change the drop down box to high (which will make quality show 60)

Look at the bottom box I have highlighted under the 2nd image. There it will tell you how big your image is in file size. It needs to be under 30kb (but photobucket etc add a few kb so I make mine around 25kb). If it is still too big, slide the quality slider down from 60 to 55 or 50.

If the image looks pixelated, add a very small amount of blur (right under quality slider) until it looks good and click save.
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Thanks! I'll give it a whirl sometime soon (daughter has a fever today ). I stayed up wayyyy too late last night playing with Photoshop , but still couldn't find that!

I did the image/resize/image size, but I get a box with the pixels (height and width) that I can't type in and change, and then my other options to change height/width in the next box down are: inches, cm, mm, points (which is closest to pixels in number, but not exactly the same), picas, and percent (?). Hmm, wait, found the pixel thing on the "Save to web" page...Is this right?

*Sigh*, okay, will try again later- I must have missed something, or swapped height and width...I'm gonna get this! lol

Okay, this is it and I'm gonna quit (Tylenol has kicked in for daughter ):

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The last one works
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Yea!!! Thanks!!!
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