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Vibes to spare, anyone?

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We have homes for all of the kittens. One goes to my aunt and uncle, two go to my mom's friend, one stays with us. The last one (Lady) goes to my best friend who lives a two-minute walk through the woods. At least I was countng on her going there.

Lady was my special girl from the start. I couldn't bear to have her go somewhere far away like I did with Lily from the previous litter - it's a horrible thought. If she went to live next door to live with my best friend I'd see her every day, not to mention the fact that my friend bonded with her and loves her to absolute bits.

Of course, life just HAD to take a sour turn, and now my friend migh not be able to take Lady. Her dad is going wishy-washy over it since the last cats they had (a pregnant momma they sheltered had kittens) peed in the garage and it took ages to get the smell out. Now he's not sure about getting another. He loves cats, but he's also very particular about how things should be, and cat pee in the garage is NOT his idea of 'how things should be'.

He hasn't said no yet, so could we have some good old TCS vibes for a yes on his part?
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You got them! I know how it feels to give them away and not see them! That was how
Scream was to me, she was the one I kept, the people that came took the other 2, thank goodness, but they wanted her! I couldn't do it! Now I have lost her too, boy,
that has been just awful! So I am sending vibes to him that he will open his heart up once again! Cats are all different, just because one did something doesn't mean they all are going to do the same as that one! Good Luck!!!
That is Scream in my icon picture
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Sendingyour way. Kitty will be litter trained & shouldn't be any trouble, at least none of the cats I've had, have missed using the litter tray. His momma cat might have been sick.
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I am sending say yes vibes

say yes say yes say yes say yes say yes
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Sending some vibes from New Hampshire...
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