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Need minor advice

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Hubby and I have a chessboard set that sits on a table, but we have had to put it away because of the cats walking on it and knocking the pieces over, and I have hunted all over the place for a clear cover thingy that goes over the board and pieces - does anyone know where I can find one, is there a place in meowhoo or does someone know of a place where I can get one? I would really appreciate it.


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Are there any chess sites that sell covers? I don't know of any, but maybe the US Chess Federation has a site that could help you.
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How about this?

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My husband collects chess sets. We had to buy a cabinet for the sets so that little furry fingers could not get to them.

I just asked my husband and he has not heard of a cover that you can buy. I wonder whether you can find a Rubbermaid container that is large enough to set on top???
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What about making your own with clear plexiglass. Have the top side cut and then hot glue them together to make the cover. You could probably decorate the cover if you wished.

Just a thought from a crafter.
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Check antique stores for one of those big, domed covers for serving trays.
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Hrmm all good ideas - where would I find plexiglass and how would I mold it?
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Plexiglass at lumber yard or galss company for sure. I don't think you could mold it I was thinking more on the order of top, 4 sides. Like a square cake cover. It could be as high or short as you want it.
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