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Using a scratching post

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How do I get a cat to use a scratching post, pad, etc.? We have a former feral, now, after 2 yrs. she has decided that the carpet on the steps is wonderful.

I initially bought a standing sisal thing, she was afraid of it (I returned it) - I bought one that goes on the floor, she wouldn't use that either (donated that one to a rescue org.) - we now have one that hangs from a door knob - it's kind of high though, so thought lying it on the floor would work - she sniffed it (and has a few times since) - but avoids it.

My previous cat, who lived to a GRAND old age, readily took to a scratcher that a friend made w/inside-out carpet tacked onto a log and base. She liked it lying down as opposed to standing. This cat though.... (sadly don't have the old scratching post and we don't have access to extra carpet/log/carpentry skills
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Hi, I was wondering if your kitty reacts to catnip? If so, you could sprinkle catnip on the scratcher to entice her. It wasn't clear to me if your kitty liked vertical or horizontal scratching? I would get a scratcher to meet her needs. I would also look for a carpet covered scratcher, since she likes the carpet on the stairs.
The way I introduced Ares to his scratcher was by using the scratching post myself with my own nails and he caught on quickly. When I saw him scratching somewhere other than the post, I would pick him up, take him to the post, and I would scratch the post. He then would scratch the post and I would reward him with a little food.

Good luck!!!
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I introduced Blossom to her scratching post at about 4 months old. I gently scratched her paws on the scratching post once, and that was all the encouragement she needed. I don't know if that would work for an older cat.
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This cat wants nothing to do w/any of the posts I've introduced. My former cat - Bless Brandy who made it 23 yrs. did. This cat, as I said was a feral, she has only 4 teeth (severe periodontal disease as a kitten) - she claws the steps and also stretches up and claws the wood doors - she has no interest in catnip whereas Brandy "made love to it" lmao.

I actually have long nails and have tried showing her by "clawing/scratching" this strip thing - she has sniffed it, but that is it.

She is destroying the carpet... we have GOT to get her to use something...
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Maybe you should consider using Soft Claws.
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Got my kitty, Butzie, from the shelter. We bought her just about everything from the pet store. She obviously was not feral but had had a home. We got the scratching post, carpet covered, that the pet store guy said that his cat loved. Brought it home and Butzie loves it. She scatches at least 3x/day and sometimes just when she is happy to see me. She sits on the top and likes to plays with toys on it. She doesn't like catnip. I think it just what they like.
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Maybe try one of the cardboard ones? That larger sized ones that lay on the floor are around $7. Some cats are more attracted to those then they are conventional scratching post. If she doesn't like it either, then at least it didn't cost you much.
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