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9week old male kitten SICK HELP

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Hello everyone, I got a kitten from a shelter actually one week ago today... They told me at the shelter he had been de-wormed been vet checked and was healthy, and had one shot for feline distemper. They told me he was too small to get his rabies shot yet and needed his 2nd distemper in 2weeks. They were giving all the animals in the shelter away for free because they had an epidemic of distemper sweaping through all the cats. They told me I didnt need to worry with the kitten cause he was in quarentine and only came up to the adoption room that day and they had taken care of the distemper, but they still were obligated to tell me. So i said ok and took the kitten. I got him home and he is happy and healthy he was very very playful active and VERY snuggly. Purred constanty and ate all his food. Within the first day i noticed he started getting diarrhea.. I figured it was cause the food i was giving him was probably different from what they were giving him there. He had very little teeth so i started him on wet canned food. So i didn't really worry.... its been a week his diarrhea is gotten worse.. last night i noticed it turned for a basic brown to a deep chocolate brown it looks exactly like chocolate pudding.. color and consistancy wise.. That lasted for about 12 hours, now he poops about every hour and there is mucus in his food. I called the vet (even though its sunday i have his personal cell.. hes a friend of my boyfriends) he told me to give him human babyfood and pedyalite... which i was all day, he stopped eating so i force fed him with a dropper..which he DID NOT like... so now he was playful and active up until about 4hours ago.. now he doesnt want to be near me wont play and seems just TIRED.... What could it be... I can't get to the vet until wed... Should i call him again?? its 11pm on a sunday night... I'm worried...
HELP-Sterlinros 25 NJ
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I am so sorry and really cannot give you much advice but I want to say that you are such a sweetheart for taking in a sweet kitten and giving him such good care. I hope someone on TCS will let you know what you can do to help. Keep up the good work and give him kisses and hugs for me
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The diarrhea could be from so many other reasons besides distemper. What are you feeding him? Signs of distemper are vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetitie, depression and fevers. Look for the third eyelid to creep over indicating the kitten is either dehydrating or feverish. Push fluids as much as you can. If there is a WalMart near you open 24 hours suggest you go and buy a pet fountain.

I would run a fecal to the vet in the morning and have them run it, mucous can be from a parasite invasion: worms, giardia

Let him rest, make him a cozy cave to sleep in, keep him warm watch him for signs of fever or other symptoms.
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I had been feeding him friskys canned food... i called the vet this afternoon he told me to give him humanbaby food and pedyalite... so i force fed him (cause now he stopped eating) gerber chicken noodle mushy food in a dropper and pedyalite in a dropper... the pedyalite i'm giving him 4 ml every hour like the vet said while he is awak... he is still having diarrhea and mucus in his stool... the vet told me it more than likely wasn't distemper and the kitten would be fine until i brought him in as long as i kept him eating, but now hes not acting like himself.. he was moderatly dehidrated, but now with the pedyalite he isn't... they told me at the shelter they ahd dewormed him and all... and i've only had him for a week and he hasn't been out of the house or around any other animals and my apartment is super clean i'm a neat FREAK.. i'm just so worried i can't sleep.. oh and i checked his temp.. no fever
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Keep doing what the vet said and let him rest a little while. You are doing your best. He is a lucky kitten to have you taking care of him
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I would like to thank everyone to replied. Oliver went to the vet yesterday and it is just worms. Other than that he is perfectly healthy. Thank you again!!
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