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feline lymphoma

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My sister's cat, a 12-year-old himalayan, has been diagnosed with lymphoma, characterized by a large tumor on his leg. The exact stage and extent of the disease have not been determined, but the oncology specialist says he'll likely require chemo and an amputation. My question -- has anyone experienced this scenario? The vet says the cat may live for several more months, but that a remission is certainly not guaranteed. Are chemo side effects for cats really debilitating? Is the quality of life maintained? Are the expenses very high? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks much.
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Hello, and welcome to the board, though I am sorry you had to join under these circumstances.

Just like people, chemo affects cats differently. The cat will be vomiting, lethargic, could be aggressive, fearful,off it's feed, it runs the gamut of possibilities and you don't know until it starts just how the animal will respond.

There is a link on this page to the VetCancer Registry. You can get a ton of information there. Also on the page is the Winn Feline Foundation another good place to gather information and resources.


Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Thanks much for the prompt response,

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