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Shooting in my old hometown....

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I am still in shock over this.....NOTHING happens up there! I did not know who the shooter was, but do know several police officers with that department. It happened a block away from my cousin's house!

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I don't know what to say. How can you not be shocked by something like that. It's always a loner or a psycho, but what do you say when it's one of the good guys?
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Wow, you just wonder what goes through peoples heads to cause them to do things like that
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I just read about it at Yahoo. They are saying perhaps the 20 year old rookie cop was an ex-boyfriend. What does your cousin say about it?
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My cousin is all up in arms about it, like the rest of the town and my family. Her yard has been literally full of people all day! I do know a lot more info than what has been mentioned, but I won't say it here. The town is on a gag order. I know quite a few police officers involved including the sheriff. I WILL say that the details give a VERY grim picture.....even worse than what's been reported.

I can also say I worked with Lindsey Stahl's mother. My heart goes out to her and her family as well as the others (yes, I know all the names).
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Jordann Murray, 18, the suspect's former longtime girlfriend; Katrina McCorkle, 18; Leanna Thomas, 18; Lindsey Stahl, 14; Bradley Schultz, 20, and Aaron Smith, called "Chunk" by his friends, 20.

Nineteen-year-old Charlie Nietzel was critically wounded.

These were good kids, and there wasn't any drinking involved. Their homecoming movie/ pizza party was to celebrate the homecoming weekend unlike most of their peers.

I attended Kindergarten and first grade in Crandon. My high school job was at the only grocery store in Crandon. I worked there for 2 years. I knew everyone's family. I went to school for the most part 12 miles away. Everyone knows everyone is Forest County!

I KNOW that this has got to be severely hurting the sheriff and his crew. They are good people. The reported and unreported details could be VERY damaging, and it will take a long time to heal.
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I don't think you need to call him, "the suspect", I think it is safe to call him what he was, "the cold blooded killer".

This has to be so terrible for such a small close knit town.
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That's even made the European news. I wonder how somebody which such emotional problems was able to serve as a deputy?
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
That's even made the European news. I wonder how somebody which such emotional problems was able to serve as a deputy?
You know, I never understand the background checks for this. For example one lady I use to work with had a brother that was the sheriff of some small town in northern Michigan.

The position for the Fire Chief opened up and so he applied for that position. In order for him to get the job as a fire chief, he had to pass a psychological test...even if he failed then he still had his old position w/ a gun - according to her.
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There was no psychological test. He did have all the requirements of the state to be a police officer. Background check was done. In a small community, everyone knows everyone, and they thought they knew him. He was well known to be a straight A student, and was very "typical" compared to other Crandon boys. This wasn't a loner or a kid that was picked on severely.

My grandma had to go to Crandon today. She went to the grocery store I used to work at. She said one of the cashiers was crying so hard that she couldn't even wait on grandma also stopped and got gas and was approached by and FBI officer, who was asking for directions, as she was coming back to her car after paying. It kind of freaked her out! She said all of downtown was still all roped off and news cameras, etc were everywhere!

My cousin (on the other side) was one of the 15 held hostage in Argonne. Katrina was a bridesmaid in her wedding.....

We worry about how the investigation is going to take the dept. He used his police issued gun at the scene. He also had a police car and was still in uniform! The crime scene took over 12 hours for the police to comb over.
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Sadly, I foresee multiple lawsuits against the City by the victims families.
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There will be for sure. I am really glad the state is handling the investigation etc. My brother was murdered in Rhinelander (25 miles from Crandon) and the police did NOT know how to handle evidence....

Charlie Neitzel (the sole survivor) is doing well and had to have surgery today to clean some tissue from the gunshot wounds on his arm and leg. He played dead to avoid being killed. He has every right to sue the Crandon PD and the Forest County well as the victim's families.

There are a lot of unanswered questions right now. Why did it take the police so long to respond after 20+ phone calls saying where the killer was! This all happened at 2:47 AM and he wasn't taken out until around 2 PM!!! The family he sought help from called several times, as well as the workers on the property. It became so long that the parents of the friend left to see where the cops were!

From what I heard from people....Jordann and him broke up months ago. They were on again/ off again in the past. This time, it was a longer period of them being "off again" as Jordann reportedly told him "I don't want nothin' more to do with you" several times over the past few months. They more than likely got into an argument because he couldn't let go and he was trying AGAIN! Others have said he let the power go to his head when he became a police officer. He became arrogant, etc. He more than likely also thought she would want him because a job as a cop is a great job to have in that community. He seemed to be rubbing it in her face. He apparently stopped at the drive-in she worked at on Friday night too. Something must have happened because someone from another local town asked about him. She was told he was a police officer. The woman replied "That guy's a cop?!?! He's weird!" My bet is he was harassing Jordann. I dated a guy like that....ironically he's from Crandon!

My hopes and prayers are with the families right now....I'm still in shock as well as everyone else. It will take a LONG time for the community to recover from this......after the camera and news crew leaves town.
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The state attorney general had a news conference this afternoon.
Allegedly Tyler Peterson committed suicide about 10 hours after the initial shooting.
He was shot by a sniper but it was in the bicep.
The AG is asking for all media to leave town - like that's gonna happen so the community can grieve.
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