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Terrible Twos

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Seamus just turned two a couple months ago, and I've had him 2 years this December.. he's been neutered and now for the first time since I got him he's developing these terrible habits... biting my ankles, biting my arms when he wants me to play or when I shift if he's laying down with me on the couch (never hard, doesn't even hurt), running around like a maniac, jumping on my face to get me up on weekends, sitting at the fridge when I go in the fridge expecting food (I rarely give him anything human), knocking things over, jumping on the coffee table blocking my view of the TV, hitting my plate as I eat...

I thought I did a good job of teaching him his boundaries when he was younger, and there really aren't many, but lately, he's turned into hyper monster kitty... is it just his age? Will he grow out of this new phase or should I start being firmer with him? None of what he does is malicious, so I don't want to punish him constantly for stupid things that really aren't a big deal, but I don't want him acting like this forever either... maybe I've just spoiled him rotten
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It's a combination of all of the above. You should be able to moderate to some degree pretty much everything you've listed except for the maniacal dashing about, which is a pretty normal cat thing and you wouldn't want to stop anyway, because it helps burn off cat energy that could be directed into worse behavior. But punishment won't achieve this. To start with, the biting, which could be the biggest problem: there are numerous threads on how to deal with this, just search for "biting." The other behaviors can be dealt with without punishment as well using the same techniques as you do with the biting issue. I'd suggest getting a couple cat behavior books. Anything by Pam Johnson-Bennett but probably "Psycho Kitty" and "Think Like a Cat" would be good starters. Good luck, this cat is your companion for a long time. Might as well get things between you in harmony now.
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Something to also consider is your interactive play with him has changed as well. Of course we don't play with them the same as when they were kittens after a certain age. Often there is a time period of separation/maturity they initiate in what is their teens, not as snuggly, become more independent, unprovoked moody behavior, more instinctual activity, defensive and territorial aggression or signs of emotional agitation and/or stress from different changes in daily surroundings. Basically, they grow up and need to drain all that energy that is completely instinctual and normal for adult cats in a different way, so they experiment with all of these new ways to do so...........therefor the "Terrible twos!".
I see this in Maia now as well, she is approaching her second Bday! The other night while watching TV she was doing her terror runs back and forth through the apartment and jumped right on top of my neck! I was shocked, never before...............at the same time I have caught her on the kitchen counter 4 times the past month, she never did this! I have been working a lot lately and know this is part of it, they simply need more one on one play time every day, but something that helps drain that energy as mature kitties!
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He's so easily bored with play it's hard to get him to play consistently for more than 10 minutes at a clip... I change it up and everything... laser pointer, his stringy toy I shake at him, a ball... he gets bored fast... he did take a roll of TP out of the bag in the bathroom and run through the house with it tearing it up... I had to chase him and fight it away from him... I think the hunter in him is coming out... he likes to find things and run with them now...

As for the biting... I may invest in a book if it doesn't calm down soon, but usually a good loud NO calms him down and then he'll come back calm and sit and wait for me to get the toy, or nudge the toy he wants... so we'll see...
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You'd swear I was robbed when I came home today... he TRASHED THE PLACE... I come into this room, bottom drawer of the file drawers is open (it's just a 3 drawer thing from IKEA, not a real one) and he took out pictures and dumped them all over the floor... I pick him up and carry him through the house asking him "What else did you do?" and I go into the living room and take another look and I have one of those folding cushion chairs, it's tipped over... I go into the bedroom, all 5 drawers of my one dresser are open and the bottom of another he frequently opens was done.. he climbed all the way up! The closet, open... all the while I'm doing this and he's giving me kisses... putting his nose in my face... and waiting for me to kiss him back... almost like "Mommy don't be mad" because he isn't that affectionate when I carry him... he lets me get away with it for like 10 seconds only once a day when I come home...
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Cats are really something, aren't they?
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Oh he's something else alright...
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Blossom's one & a bit, I hope she doesn't change to that extent. She's quietened down a lot from a kitten with her naughty/zoomies twice a day.
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