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papurr scoopable litter?

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I bought a bag of this when I saw that it was onsale at my local petsmart (my friend had reccommended it to me).

For those of you that have used it, does it work well? Does it scoop and flush well?

Also, how much do you pay for it in your area?

I got the 15lb bag (actually it had an extra 3 lbs, so 18lb bag) for $10.99.

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I`ve never heard of this litter before, and don`t know if it`s a clay or scoopable (sandy type) or some other form, so i`m not much help.
I used to use Tidy Cat Crystal Blend (clay) I scooped it 2-3 times a day and changed it completely every week....Then Walmart quit carrying it and I went spastic trying to find it. When I could`nt ,I switched to Tidy Cat Crystal Blend Scoop. (The sandy kind) I still scoop 2-3 times a day....but so far it has been in the litter box for over 3 weeks and it still does`nt smell (except for right after someone uses it) but the smell goes away once i`ve scooped out the "poopies".
The ONLY problem I have with it is that the bathroom floor feels like i`m at a beach house....but i`m learning when they are most likely to use the box and track the litter and I keep a broom and dustpan right next to the box, as well as a fuzzy rug just outside of it.
I do not need to add deoderizer, and add a bit of litter every other day or so, as needed.
We have 3 cats, but only one big litter box. (aprox 16" x 20")
At first I did`nt think i`d like the litter , cause of the "beachy-thing" going on when they tracked it....but after having it for this long now I can see it`s attributes.....no smell....not having to change nearly as often....and it is NOT dusty. In fact, one of our 3 cats has always seemed to have allergies, with a wet nose, moist sounding purr and sneezing (but it was`nt an URI) Since switching litter we have noticed that his allergy problem has cleared up dramaticly.....so maybe the problem was dust from the clay litter!!!!
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I've tried the PawPurr litter with mixed results. I hated the smell of it. Absolutely. Hated. It. there was something that was to me just gag inducing about this litter.

It clumped, but they weren't really strong clumps and it was just as dusty as the clay litter.

For us it was a bust although Stanley did use it and seemed to like it.

Right now I'm liking Swheat Scoop. I also liked the petsmart brand paper litter (it was much less dusty and stinky), but it only seems to come in small expensive bags
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I use a mix of Tidy Cats Small Spaces and Arm&Hammer multi cat. works well, kills the smell, and all cats like it.
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i use fresh step scoopable. either regular baking soda scent or cedar... they both smell nice, not overpowering and they keep the box fresh. i use a littermaid so i dont scoop and i just received (although haven't set it up yet) the scoop free automated box so if this thing works, no more litter!! it comes with these pre-filled trays of crystals.

i'll check back and let you know if it works!

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Thanks for your replies.

I still haven't opened the bag yet... As I am finishing off their current box of corn-based litter right now.

It is a paper based litter, so is flushable and septic safe (or so says their website). I'll let you know how it goes when I finally do open the bag.

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Thought that I'd post an update...

I have opened the bag and have been using the papurr scoopable litter for about 3 days now.

The good:
-It clumps
-It flushes
-It does a pretty good job of containing odors
-It has a very mild scent, not perfumy at all
-The cats are using it with no problems.
-The texture is pretty fine, almost sand-like.
-I use a rolling litter box (omega paw) and the clumps do not seem to break apart too badly...similar to WBCL.

The bad:
- It clumps slowly, so the urin has a chance to spread a little more than I'd like (i.e. it will go to the side of the box and stick, etc.)
- it does not clump rock-hard...but, I clean the box every day, so if it sat longer it might.

How I'd compare it to WBCL?
1. Clumpablility- about equal
2. Flushability- about equal
3. Clumping speed- WBCL seems faster i.e. clumps are smaller
4. Odor control- about the same as WBCL extra strength
5. Weight per volume- about the same
6. Price- (fyi both are on sale at my petsmart right now)
Papurr-15lb bag-$10.99
WBCL ES- 17lb bag-$18.99

I'll keep you posted on how it continues to go.
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Ok, updated review...

I have come to the conclusion, that although it clumps better than WBCL and is flushable and septic safe....
It sticks to the box like crazy! I am now having to scrap the bottom of the box and sides after every time I roll the box... so I'm not so sure that I will get this again, once I've used all of mine.

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