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Cat Still Not Getting Along, & It's Been 7 Weeks

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This is my fourth cat, and she's been here 7 weeks now, after about a week and a half, she was getting along with my oldest female and my male cat great, all are fixed, but my middle cat "D" refuses to have anything to do with "Kallie". All the cat are about the same age, between 2-4 years old. "D" in size is smaller than the new cat, but Kallie has not tried to harm her, that I know of. All my cats are outside cats, I have been bringing in "D" to feed her with Kallie and she tolarates that only because we make her. But she growls and hisses at her, if she even looks her way, I do not think "D" is scared of Kallie, I believe she just does not like her, and does not want to be around her. Since Kallie hangs with the other 2 cats, that means that "D" does not go around them now, and they are wondering why? & I'm sure they miss her playing with them. Will she ever take to this cat, Kallie is a great mouser, which I need so she is not going anywhere, and after nearly 2 months "D" should have figured that out by now. What am I to do??! I love all my kitties Thanks, I appreciate any advice.
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I wish I could help. All I can do is sympathize. I brought a new kitten home 7 weeks ago as well. He was an abandoned feral kitty. We got him at 5 weeks so he stayed in the bathroom for the first 3 weeks, with short, supervised visits with our 2 resident cats (1 M, 1F). There was the usual hissing and some growling but nothing serious and nothing aggressive. When he tested negative and received his first booster, we let him out with the cats full time. This was after the initial 3 weeks. And we were sure he would be safe. The other 2 cats are about 1 1/2 years old.

My male resident cat (Piccolino) took to the new kitty (Kink) right away. They play all day long. Merlynn (my female) absolutely hates Kink. Enough so that she has a UTI because of this stress. I too am unsure if she'll ever be able to tolerate Kink. He is still small enough that I can find him a new home through a local rescue group...but I'd hate to do that. Although, if Merlynn can't live with him, he'll have to go. Merlynn is my first and moist spoiled baby. I can't trade her for anything.....Hopefully you'll get some good advice that I can steal.

Good luck.
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She's the one threatened by the new cat - it's always the youngest/newest one that's threatened by a newer one, so until you get a 5th cat(!) the relationship may be a bit difficult, but it should improve somewhat, especially if the new one has her own space and it doesn't infringe of the older one's much.
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Thank you bothfor advice, I was thinking possibly of getting another fixed male that is 6 months old and he'd be the youngest, maybe "D" would use her time to help the little new comer and take her mind off of Kallie. What do you think? If not a male, the people have a female too, the sister to the male that's up for adoption. But, would my other male feel threatened by the new male, that's fixed, & he's 6months old, where Bubba is 2 and a half, and the sweetest cat I have ever seen, I wish I had 4 Bubba's! Thanks everyone!
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No, I don't think he'd feel threatened (beyond a few wks, which seems almost unavoidable). Males seem to mesh faster than females for sure, and hopefully it will take pressure off your females.
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