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Thanks Tricia for the new gifts!

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Carol, you got some creative juices going

Our Tricia, aka Jcat, made a few more gifts for us all to share -

There are a few more, especially cats, so check them out next time you're shopping for gifts

Thanks Trish!!!
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Awww those are adorable. Thank you Trish
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Those are great! Thanks Tricia!
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They are so cute.
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You're welcome! Now I'll probably open a "possible gifts" file, so I can save cute gifs I come across for resizing.
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Very cool, Tricia! And I've been secretly working on some animations myself!

Anne, you may run out of room for gifts!
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More gifts!!

They are very cute!
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OOoo! Another black kitty!
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Cool...Thanks Tricia
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They're lovely additions! That candy bar is super cute
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those are adorable!!!
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