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Cat's legs curve

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i just noticed something on my cat recently. Her front legs curve in ... the left one slightly more than the right one. It's not a healthy curve that you might usually see. it's like straight leg, curve in, and then paw. i also noticed that she re-adjusts he stance sometimes. does any one know what this could be?

Oh a little background on my cat. Her name is Buffy, and she is a Tabby- buff. I've had her since i was little and she was a kitten... so she is um about 12 yrs old. She isn't very active... (so i am pretty sure it's not broken) ..and she's a fat cat. lol.

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Has she seen a vet? It's very hard to determine what's going on without seeing and examining the cat. Do you have a picture? I'm trying to get a visual in my head of what could be happening, but I'm not having much luck. My first thoughts are severe arthritis, broken bone that rehealed badly, and possibly bone tumor of some sort. I would recommend a vet visit as soon as you can.

Also, is this a new development? Did it happen suddenly or slowly?
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