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What would you do???

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Hi, I am new to this site. I am in tears as I type this. My question is, if you took in a stray cat, and then find out it needs $500 in medical care, but you are dirt poor, what can you do? What should you do?
Is it better to put the cat to sleep and save another? Or risk everything and put the $500 on a credit card, with the hopes your new outside cat won't get in more trouble anytime soon? If I put it on a credit card, and then another emergency occurs, I will not have another back-up because my credit limit is only $700.

Truth is, I cannot afford the surgery. At first I thought I could maybe swing it, but now I realize if I do I could risk not having enough money for rent next month. Plus, I have a kid and two dogs, so what if something happened to them?

Basically this is the sweetest little kitten ever. He's only about 4 months old but I am told by the vet has to get his eye removed. He is perfectly healthy otherwise. I put an ad on petfinder this morning, but I don't think its up yet. Im taking this really really hard, its a very big decision for me as what to do. Please help with answers! This cat is in pain!
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is there a local rescue group you could contact for assistance? or even surrender the kitty too?
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The suggestion Katie made about contacting a local rescue/shelter for a assistance is great one. Many of these groups have the funding available assist in the situations like this and are glad to help, especially if you're able to foster the kitten.

Another option would be to ask the vet about some kind of payment plan for the surgery. A lot of vets are willing to this, especially in emergency situations when it's involving a rescued cat.

Will also send you a PM with a list of groups that provide assistance with vet care. Good luck to and this kitty and bless you for caring for him.
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If I did understand it right, this kitten will be blind rest of his life after surgery?

In your case, I wouldn't risk my economy for surgery. Like you said, you have also your kid and dogs to take care. It's very sad, but sometimes "doing everything" is not the best way to do.
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Awww. What a tough situation! I would try my best to contact a rescue group....

Do you have pics of this 'lil sweetie??

Best of luck to you!!
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thanks for the replies. I've just dropped the cat off for surgery. Two people I recently met have graciously donated money for half the cost of surgery, so looks like my cat will be fine.

Maija- he will only be blind in one eye. he seems very healthy otherwise and has actually still been frisky & catching mice despite his condition!
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That's great news! I'm so glad you were able to get help for this kitty. Sending lots of vibes for a successful surgery. Please let know how things go and bless you for caring.
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Wow! This is a wonderful example of amazing people around us.

God Bless you, the donors, and your new kitty!
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this is such a great story... im glad everything worked out for you and the kitty and you were able to get the care he needs... i assume youre going to be keeping him right? if so, i hope you and him have a great life together.. .god bless you for helping him!!
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Aww that is so wonderful how your kitty gets to have the eye surgery!

What amazing people to donate money to such a precious kitten!

We hope he has a successful surgery & a speedy recovery
Update us all on how your cat is doing & how the surgery went!
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Wow. TCS kitty karma strikes again!

Are you going to keep him indoors after this? My two were both outdoors before I got them, and they adjusted fine! I'm worried that his lack of depth perception could cause an injury where you wouldn't be able to get to him--a misplaced jump, for example... One-eyed kitties aren't very hampered at all by their eyesight; but outside, it could cause some problems.
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Originally Posted by Peppa View Post

Maija- he will only be blind in one eye. he seems very healthy otherwise and has actually still been frisky & catching mice despite his condition!
That's so good for him and you too

Sorry, I did misunderstand the sentence in the first place. There wasn't "s" in a word "eye".
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The vet called and said Catman is doing fine and I can pick him up anytime.

Yeah, I really cant believe people were that nice, Im so relieved & grateful words cannot fully express it. One lady was only an online acquaintence from a board I post on from time to time, and the other donor came from petfinder because at the last minute I placed an ad for adoption offering to pay for half the surgery. I got like 25 scammer emails and only one was from a real person. She offered to donate $20 bucks so I went ahead and sent her the vet info and she ended up donating $75! I totally wasn't expecting that! I am a complete stranger to this lady! But both ladies said they had owned one-eyed cats.

Anyhow, I will keep him inside from now on, but I am slightly allergic. I don't get hives but they make my nose itch, so I probably won't let him in my bedroom if possible.

I'll send pics soon....
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Just be consistent, and he will get used to not being let into your bedroom. I keep my Baby Girl away from the front door by hissing at her when she gets close--she backs off mostly now. She still doesn't get that the back door is off limits too... silly kitten! Also, a lot of people with allergies and cats say that they get used to specific cats--their symptoms die down when exposed to that particular cat for a long time. Maybe that will help you. Also, my mom swears by peppermint tea for allergies--it's good for the sinuses and eyes; not a decongestant per se, but tends to be soothing to itchy throats. If you like peppermint tea, I highly recommend it.
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