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rapid breathing

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My 15 month old cat has been a very rapid breather as long as I can remember. And I mean she breathes fast even sleeping. Has anyone else had this situation? Otherwise she plays and eats and acts normal.
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Yup, moving this to Health and Nutrition. Some of our experts don't always have time to check everything in the Lounge, but do check in the forums where they can help the most. You should get some good feedback there.
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Hi there,

Rapid breathing in a cat can be a precurser to a medical problem like asthma or heart disease. You can check and see if your cat is getting adequate oxygen by checking the color of her gums. They should be pink and happy not any other color than that- slightly blue or gray- get your cat into the vet immediately! Also some more warning signs to watch out for are- cat does not want to lie down- she appears to be in pain- she is running a fever- her meow sounds "funny"-she snores at night-there is discharge coming from her mouth-her nose gets crusty or starts to bleed- she starts to cough.
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