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Daily Thread 10-7-07

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Morning All

Changed the way I date the thread as not to confuse anyone.

Cloudy, damp and very cool here today, a good day to stay in, watch TV or read, and eat to much. Wow exactly what I plan on doing. Am doing my Thanksgiving dinner today as opposed to tomorrow. I going to be putting my turkey in around noon. Having that with mashed potato's, stuffing, peas and carrots, gravy.

The kitties are in full rodeo mode this morning and have been chasing each other around the house for the last half hour. They are taking turns, Linus will chase Sassy for a bit, then Sassy will chase Linus. Linus get so excited when Sassy plays with him he just loves it.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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Hey all.

Just trying to get over bronchitis/pneumonia. Have had it for four days now. The first day was terrible. I don't even remember it that's how sick I was. I've finally managed to be awake for more then a few minutes at a time in the last few days. I've been off work since Thurs. It's been terrible.
I think it came on so fast because I was stressed out and worn down again.
I just hope this last pill the doctor gave me takes it all away so i can work tomorrow without feeling like I'm dying. So far two of the three pills have made it better but not great, so I guess we'll see. Problem is, they make me sick to my stomach. But it's the lesser of two evils so I deal.

Hope everyone else that's sick is feeling better now, and everything's good. I've got 4 days of catchup to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians on the board!!

Have a great day!
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All I can say its its HOT!!!!

Right now its 84F (28C) and very humid-about 20 degrees warmer than normal-but Tuesday we really cool off!!

So I was working on my landscape project in the front yard but without the wagon and ATV its hard to fill a wheelbarrow with soil and haul it uphill!! But I have some things in the ground-I will wait another hour or two when the area is shaded and work some more.
(Neil is home now)

Thats all the excitment today until the football game tonite!!
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