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good hairball dry food?

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My choices where I live are limited, as it's a hour drive to a pet store. I can buy Purina One Hairball and Science Diet hairball at the vets.. but I have found a website that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

Any suggestings on a good hairball food? I have a DSH that grooms all the other cats, and has a terrible hairball problem. She is a former feral so giving her the hairball remedy stuff on a regular basis NEVER works LOL
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Royal Canin Hairball Control....
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Do you have a petco petsmart or pet land???

look at
Royal canin
Blu spa
Natural balence
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Nutro Natural Choice Indoor
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Eukanuba Hairball is another.
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I just ordered Buffalo Blue Spa Select hairball formula from the Petsmart website and I love that it has cold formed life source bits which retain more natural nutrients than heat processed food but be careful, it's caloric. Small portions will satisfy your cat. This is the most premium hairball formula that I've ever seen. www.truebluecat.com Most natural premium pet foods do not come in a hairball formula.

Another one is Foster and Smith hairball formula if your cats can handle small quantities of garlic. www.drsfostersmith.com.
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