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Pink eye?

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So I woke up this morning with my right gooped shut. I just have gotten done watching 2 little girls, who attend daycare, for a week. I don't have the feeling of something in my eye, it doesn't burn, but it is really red. I doesn't itch or anything. Is it possible I just have allergies? I hope it isn't pink eye. I start a new job tomorrow. UGH!
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Hi. Sorry to hear your eye is giving you trouble. In my experience (2 kids) pink eye itches like crazy! It could be allergies definitely. : Sending you some get better vibes and good luck vibes on starting your new job tomorrow
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if it is pink eye, then it might not start to itch RIGHT away. ive never had it so im not sure, but this is the first day, i could just be that maybe you scratched it or something while you were sleeping.
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Pink eye doesn't always have to itch right off the bat (i used to work as a daycare teacher and soooo many kiddos got it!). To be on the safe side- you need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to rule out pink eye and see what's causing your symptoms. It could be allergies or another type of infection- you definitely don't want to let anything concerning your eyes go without getting checked out as it may affect your vision or damage it.

If you wear contacts, i would stop wearing them and stick to glasses until you see your eye doctor too.
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Pinkeye's pretty common, but it's also REALLY contagious! If the kids had it, then that's where you got it--can you call their parents and ask?

Agreed--no contacts.

A wet washcloth over the closed eye can help. People say to use tea bags (used ones) too.

Be REALLY careful not to spread it between eyes. Don't touch the eye without washing your hands afterwards.
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one more thing i thought of- be sure to avoid using and eye makeup until you get to your eye doctor. (if you use something now that you've been using all week- you could contaminate both eyes. You need to throw out all your eye makeup if your eye doc says you have an infection and get all new products so you don't risk reinfecting yourself once you're all healed up.
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