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My cat's not eating, drinking, or using the box

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Hi there,
I recently moved from the US to Greece with my two 8-year-old cats. We have an uncertified vet here who's very good, but his treatment ability is limited (he doesn't have the facilities to do blood tests, for instance). We live on a little Greek island, which makes finding specialized treatment expensive. It costs about $150 just to get to and from a vet in Athens.
Anyway, four months after we arrived, one cat fell I'll with what appeared to be kidney failure, and we had to put her down. Now, the second cat is ill. She was lethargic, with dilated pupils, staring into space for hours. I took her to the vet here and he said she didn't have the symptoms of kidney or liver failure and that she had no fever. He started her on a course of injectable antibiotics, and she's perked up greatly. Her pupils are contracting again, and she's responsive to touch and sound--even a little cranky. She still doesn't like to be held, though she does purr if you pet her when she's on her towel, but she's not eating or drinking (the day before yesterday, she did eat and drink). The vet said she likely has an infection and that the antibiotics will help it clear up, but that the not eating and drinking is a problem. I've tried enticing her with all sorts of foods and finally syringed some water into her mouth (which she detested!). I even tried rubbing some wet food onto her paw in the hopes that she would lick it off, to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions or any idea what may be wrong? Is this normal in any way? The vet says if she doesn't eat tomorrow, I'll have to take her into Athens, which will break the bank.
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How long ago did your other cat have to be put to sleep? I ask cause it sounds like your cat might be mourning the death of her companion. If that is the cases, does the vet there have appetite stimulants to give her? If you have access to it there, I would try to get some "stinky food" like Fancy Feast moist. Even though canned tuna is not good for a cat to have all the time, in a situation like this it would be better than nothing. If it is available get some canned tuna packed in WATER and low sodium. That might interest her. That is the only thing that comes to mind for me. I pray she starts getting better.
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Could you get some kitten milk replacer and see if she will take a little? that will give her a little nourishment. Thats what we gave my kitty Noggle when she stopped eating and drinking... they thought she had a blockage but it turned out to be cancer... but the thing with your cat's pupils doesn't fit into that. I hope she is just mourning your other kitty and that she perks up soon!!!
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Maybe it's a combination of mourning the loss of her buddy, and the stress of the move and all. Moving is difficult on some cats...

I once had two cats who were very close to each other: one of them died suddenly, and the other moped around for several weeks afterwards b/c he missed his buddy so much. It was so sad, but he eventually started coming around and paired up w/ another "buddy".

I hope it's nothing serious. I will be sending good vibes your way!

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Hoping your kitty gets better and gets back on a regular schedule eating and using the litter again. I am no expert but I wish you and your kitty all the best. My Mother's kitty Jefferson passed this year and her other kitty did go through a period of mourning in which he had to adjust to a different eating and behavior routine schedule. Keep a loving eye on him
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