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What food?

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I have just bought my first kitten, Leroy. He is 8 weeks old.
Before collecting him I stocked up on cat milk and kitten food as i was told these were best for the cat
When i picked him up i was told that he had been weaned on adult catfood
The kitten food I have bought seems to be giving him runny stools

Should i continue to feed him kitten food, hoping that he will get used to it or start feeding him adult cat food

Also he doesn't drink cat milk or my semiskimmed milk i use at home, should i worry about this

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How long have you had Leroy? It's common enough for the kitten to have a bit of diarrhoea when their diet is changed especially as kitten food is higher in protein. It can take a couple of days to adjust. Have you had him checked over by a vet/has he received his first vaccination? Also what brand are you feeding?

I wouldn't give the kitten any milk at all; just make sure he has plenty of water beside his food dish! Cats can be lactose intolerant so while some may suit milk, you're better off giving him water and then milk as a treat.
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I would continue to feed him the adult food he's used to until his stool have firmed up and he's settled in. Then you can try to transition him over to kitten food. It's quite common for kitten food to be too rich for them. Both Jaffa and Mosi were on adult food when they came to me and I was told kitten food was too rich for them. I got Jaffa 10 years ago from a rescue and was surprised to be told he was on adult because kitten food was too rich. I did manage to slowly change over to kitten food within a few weeks. Fast forward 8 years and Mosi's breeder told me he was eating adult food because the kitten food was too rich for him. I tried to change him over to kitten food (same brand) but he got runny stools so I put him back onto adult for a while. A couple of weeks later I tried again making the change over even more gradual and he was fine. I would feed your kitten the same as he's used to, then in a few weeks try to mix in some of the kitten until he's eventually eating all kitten.

I wouldnt worry about the milk. It's not necessary and is only really a treat if they like it.
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