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What food?

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I have just bought my first kitten, Leroy. He is 8 weeks old.
Before collecting him I stocked up on cat milk and kitten food as i was told these were best for the cat
When i picked him up i was told that he had been weaned on adult catfood
The kitten food I have bought seems to be giving him runny stools

Should i continue to feed him kitten food, hoping that he will get used to it or start feeding him adult cat food

Also he doesn't drink cat milk or my semiskimmed milk i use at home, should i worry about this

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You should keep with the kitten food. It has much more protein and good stuff that is essential to growth. A kitten of 8 weeks should not be on adult food.

The runny poo is probably due to the drastic change in diet. Only give the milk as a treat, as this is also contributing. Make sure there is water to hand when giving the milk.

Hope this helps
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Congratulations on your new kitty

I would put him back on the adult food he's used to, gradually add more of the kitten food you want him to eat until he's switched over.

A sudden change in food will upset his tummy.
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Give him what he is used to and in a few weeks start mixing in kitten ... mix for a few weeks .. for a treat try kitten canned/ tinned
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He really needs to be on kitten food. He is awfully young, did something happen to his mother or what? He is too young to be away from her yet. I would keep the adult food for him but gradually switch him over to kitten food. He should be offered water at all times, milk can go either way, if he doesn't want it, don't make him drink it.
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