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Leash traning an adult who has never been on one?

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How would you go about leash training an adult dog who has never been on one before?

He's a JRT, breeder everything is new & he's totally freaked. I need to get him leash trained, or he can go outside to potty. I haven't got a kennel to put him outside in to potty.
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I leash trained Bear by just attaching it and letting him drag it around in the house.
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No. He's flipping out....worse than any dog I've seen. I tried letting him drag the leash around behind him attached to his collar....he started banging into walls & furniture again he was so freaked.

You can see his leg quaking....he's so scared even his tail is quaking. I got the harness on him....he's dragging a leash now that way....he refuses to move now.
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My roomies dog does the quiveryshake when it comes to bathtime. Giving her lots of affection and her favorite treats seems to help. Does he like being outside? Perhaps you could try a lead to let him get used to it on his own time?
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I agree let him drag a leash for a bit for a few days... then make sure to start with a "traffic" lead ( one that is 2-2.5 ft ) ... If you have a pool use it as an obsticle( trained Joey my 125lb GSD to walk on a leash at age 6 that way)
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He was probably beaten by a leash. I would buy two leashes and put one that he can chew in his dog dish, and put kibble over it. See if he suddenly fears the dish. I would take the other leash and attach a chew toy to it, and drag it around the house. In other words, make the leash fun and friendly. Some people with no brains use the leash to beat the beejesus out of dogs. When you do get a leash on him successfully, sit down in front of him, facing him. Hold your hand out and have a piece of raw meat in it, encourage him to walk forward, reward him when he does- you could do this with stew meat. Keep in a crouched position until he gets outside then reward him with lots of raw meat and playtime.

If he starts attacking and chewing the cloth leash, you have your answer- he was beaten and he wants control over what hurt him. Use a chain leash if you ever walk him, because otherwise he will chew it and be free.
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Figure out what kind of treats he likes and hold them in front of his face, hold his leash and start walking. I know what its like to have a scardy dog who doesnt like a leash. My sheltie was like that when we first put a leash on him....he was our little bucking bronco. Get him around people and different situations ASAP. Do not give up on this little guy and give it all you can....i know you do and will. Thanks for helping this little fella. Good luck.

ps only other thing i can think of is a Halti but that will more than likely freak him out.
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He won't eat treats, doesn't know how to play(never really had toys). I tried your trick MA, & he ate around the leash, seems fine with it. Just never been in a house before. He drags the leash everywhere we go & he has made minor improvements, he can walk with me holding the leash & not panick.
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I would imagine its like training a puppy with a leash. Is the JRT used to a collar? Try attaching a short leash or small rope on the collar and allow the JRT to drag it around (SUPERVISED) for awhile. Then gradually use the leash you want to walk him with and hold onto it in the house before taking him outside.

Doing this over 1-2 weeks should get him used to a leash. Then you will need to work on training obedience.
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Poor Simon! He looks so sad and scared in your video.

Obedience training will be good for him, JRT's like to work and need it.
Our rescue dog has been with us seven months now and he has finally realized life is good again, that took a while. It's was like trying to find the missing pieces of a puzzle though, when all the details of their prior lives are not known.

Good luck with Simon, he's a sweetheart.
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Slow and steady, Nat. Starting by doing what others here have advised; leaving it on him for short periods, rewarding with praise, treats - whatever he responds to - when he drags it around. Slowly increase the time it's left on him. Once he's used to it and moving freely, pick up the end and follow him around - let him take you anywhere with it. No tension, no pulling, no guiding, no coaxing - he has complete control.

Once this is under the belt (so to speak) start encouraging him to follow your lead when his leash is on by enticing him forward while you're holding it with treats, praise - again, whatever he responds to once you work it out. After that, baby steps with him walking beside you.

Remember, always praise, always treat, always encourage, always gentle. Let him go at his own pace, take it easy and make it rewarding. It will take a bit of time - but I guess you've got that with this baby. He's not going to be ready to go anywhere for a long time.

What happened to him makes me burn. No Jack Russell terrier would ever be that timid and frightened - they're so spunky normally. Poor little guy, I'm glad he's in your hands. Are his former owners going to be prosecuted?
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Nope. Nothing we can do about the owner. All her dogs have food/water/shelter. Actually, they're a million times better cared for than most of the dogs that come in to the Humane Society.
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when i saw the title of this thread I thought it was going to be about leash training husbands. mine keeps wandering off in stores and I have to page him. LOL
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