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Don't know what to do.

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For about a week or so now, there was this 'stray' cat that has been hanging around the house. I have noticed him months ago.. and actually trapped him last summer when I was trying to trap a feral un-spayed female... but I let him loose.

Well by his teeth I figure he's approx 15 years old give or take a few years. He has few teeth.. and the teeth he does have are in horrible condition. He is all black.. neutered and front declawed.
He is severely emaciated. Like there is nothing to him at all.. and he only has one ear. I have been calling him 'Porkchop'.
Porkchop, I found out, was let outside by his owner after he got a puppy and the cat started spraying on everything. So this is technically an abandon? I will have to talk to the guy before I can do anything medically with the cat? I don't really want to talk to the guy because I know I will lip off at him. (abandoning his DECLAWED old cat?!?!? insane.)

I went and bought him some kitten food to see if that will help him gain some weight. And have been giving it to him as well as fresh water. Well now he has decided that he doesn't want to leave. I can't bring him in until I have him vet checked... and even then I can't keep him.. I have to many as it is.

I don't want to take him to the rescue I work at, because he is an old cat and old cats go downhill when they go into a rescue... and I don't want to see him die.. but I don't want him to have to deal with winter either.

Mum says that she is going to put him to sleep soon if we don't figure something out to do with him.. because she doesn't want to see him suffer either.

How much do Feline Leukemia tests go for? I am mainly worried that there is something wrong with him and that I'll give it to my cats. I can't afford a vet visit right now for a cat that doesn't belong to me.. but I'll be checking next week to see if I can get any deals because he is a stray.

Here are a few pictures. Hard to see how skinny he is because his short fur is all matted. but you can feel every bone in his body. Friendlier than all heck.

You can see two of my cats watching him from the door. They usually go nuts and try to attack strange cats.. but they must know that Porkchop is special.

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Well, realistically, he is not going to be adopted. Working in rescue, I'm sure you know that. But, is there any way you could foster him while he is placed up for adoption? Give him a fighting chance that way.... That is the only thing I can think of right now.
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I know. And I know that he supposedly has behavioral problems that can cause problems too.

Me fostering him (as long as he doesn't pee all over everything.. can't have my cats start up again) is what I want to do.. but fostering won't help when no one will want a old cat anyways.. and I know I can't keep him.

I don't know. I have to think and figure these things out.
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Well, honestly, in my opinion....I'd FeLV test him/vet check him. Bring him in, give him a few good months....I just do not see another option than loving him & euthanizing him. At least then he will have known love.

You are stuck between a rock & a hard place. Any rescues who would take him & place him in a foster home to finish his days?
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that is so sad and i would love to see the man who abandoned him over a puppy... what i would do to him he looks like he is in really bad shape... i feel so bad, because he is so adorable, missing ear and all!!! i think its great that you want to help him, and it sucks that you cant take him in and let him live out his remaining days in a loving home... however i understand the situation you are in, you must be torn!!! i wish i could help the lil guy... and thats what makes me so angry... that this person was willing to throw away such a beautiful cat.. just let it out the door and forget it ever existed, how can you take responsibility for an animal and then just let it go like that?
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Well if he was abandoned and you have proof that could help the situation. But then I think animal control or a rescue would have no choice but to take him if the owner is forced to sign him over.

I guess i've watched too much of Animal Precinct....
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Here is a link in a previous post maybe they can help.

RescueKitty2: Try this org:

Animal Crusaders of Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 438-4636
Referral to low cost vets

At Save Samoa, we have put together a pretty comprehansive listings of low cost spay/neuter resources where you can find services in your area on the Spay/Neuter Resource page. We also have quite a few resources for Feral Care/Rescue and organizations who may be able to help. We have US and International resources listed.
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My mum caught the guy this afternoon while he was walking the puppy and had a chat with him.

He said the cat is sick and won't ever be getting better, and that he has been recommened to have it euthanized but he can't catch it. Which is a load of bull, IMO. He comes running up to me and other people.

So he set an appointment to have him put to sleep Tuesday afternoon. Which is sad, unfortunately.. I love this little guy so much and have really bonded with him in this short time. But honestly I think this is the best thing for him right now. He isn't in any shape to be staying outdoors all winter, and he won't survive in a rescue. I see cats like him come in every day and they don't typically make it.
So tuesday morning I am putting him in my cat crate and taking him down to the house, and he is supposed to return the carrier to me in the afternoon, with a copy of the vet bill so I know he just didn't drop the cat off somewhere.
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I'm sorry, but it is much better than him dying in some unknown way over the winter.
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That's interesting that the cat is terminally ill and he has it sitting outside like that.

Around here, even being older and with a missing ear, a kitty like that has a fair chance to get a home because he is declawed.

Some people look for the kitty with one eye or a crinkle ear but not many. It is a special person like you who would bond to this little guy.

You are very wise to get a copy of the vet bill too. I would not trust that creep as far as I could see him.
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Just because the cat is special needs doesnt mean he isnt adoptable, but if you cant find someone willing to adopt him and care for him, he is suffering without the care he needs and mabye it's best for him to be euthanized.
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I just dropped him off. I didn't expect it to bother me that much but as I was walking away I started bawling my eyes out....

I'm sorry I couldn't help you, Porkchop......
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Leto, you did help him, you gave him some respect at the end of his life, which is more than i can say for his previous owner. it's to your credit you left wanting to do more.
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