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4 Cats, 1 House

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So I've been away for the past few weeks, babysitting the kitties at my parent's house. I've been gradually introducing my cats to my Mom's cats over the past months, so that when I brought mine over for the "big sleepover" everyone would be relatively well adjusted.

I have to say, I am just thrilled about how it all worked out. Other than the occasional hiss/growl, they got on fantastically. I was fully prepared to separate them in different rooms indefinitely (through the whole time if necessary) but it proved to be completely unnecessary.

My only complaint: having four cats in around meant that I couldn't spend as much time with each one as normal, so everyone (especially my Pekoe and my Mom's Frances) got sooo needy that I couldn't sit down without being mobbed. And first thing in the morning, (say, 4:00) both Fran and Pekoe would try to smother me in bed begging for attention...
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with 5 cats, 1 dog and a house ...... I know what you mean ...... but I always sit back and let mine come to me as needed and love on them when they come and then when I need some love I go to them .. you just went from 2 to 4, it will all pan out for you all with a little time.
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Mine must all be aloof! I've got 5 inside, 8 outside, plues 2 foster kittens inside, 2 large dogs of my own, & one foster JRT. I have enough time for all, I spend at least an hour a day outside....but quite a few of the otuside kitties are semi-feral, too. Damita, Lily, & Dorian are my only inside kitties who liked to be petted.
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Well all I know is that I'm definitely a person who has a 2 cat maximum. All of you who have more than that must be simply amazing (and maybe a little bit crazy too. ) As much as I loved having everyone around, I'm so glad to be back to my normal, 2 cat family.
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I have 4 inside dogs, 10 inside cats (plus John's dad's cat), 1 indoor/outdoor cat, and two barn cats. I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home all day with them, so they all get their individual time with me. If I worked all day, I don't think I'd be able to have as many as I do.
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I have a cat and three dogs inside and two dogs outside and I run out of lap room all of the time they all have to be petted and thankfully I live with my dad so he gets the fun of some of the loving on them. Tavia and his dog are in his lap right now and Lilly is snuggled upto me and Macy is laying in the floor whinning a bit for petting. Well Macy corrected me she just jumped up on the couch beside me so I would pet her.
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I have eight outdoor/indoor cats and I know exactly what you mean! Any time I sit down when cats are nearby, I have a lap filled with cat (usually at least four). And when I sit down and dog is nearby...well, heaven forbid I get up any time in the next half hour. He's so needy!

Okay, scratch that. They're ALL so needy!
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