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i had to put my dog Tosha down on Augest 24th, 2007. she was 16 years old, blind, deaf, and could hardly walk. we were both born on April 30th, 1991, and that makes it even harder because i no that on my next birthday she wont be there to celebrate with me. i dug her grave in my backyard, but i still havent found the perfect rock to mark her place. i cant get over that shes gone and think about her all the time. i keep thinking, was it the right thing to do? did we do enough? even though i know the answer i keep asking myself these questions.
Torsha was half terrior, half lapso-apso (i dont know if thats spelt correctly) and she was black with white feet and chest. i tried posting a picture of her for you guys to see, but it wouldnt work. she was the only dog ive ever had and the best dog ever. ill always remember and love her.
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I am so sorry for your loss... it must be horrible losing your doggie... there isnt really anything i can say that will make you stop hurting... let yourself mourn for hierand dont worry, she will be waiting for you at the Bridge.

did you upload your pic to photobucket before trying to post it? if not, go to photobucket & create an account. i would love to see a picture of her.
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I am so very sorry to hear that you have lost your best friend, but yes, it does sound as if helping her over the Rainbow Bridge was the kindest thing you could do. Having been in this place many times, I know how difficult it is, but you had your priorities right in putting her before yourself, and wanting what is best for her. Of course I don't know what your beliefs are, but mine definitely are that her soul lives forever, that you will be reunited with her eventually, and that she will always be with you even now, in your own heart and soul, and in your thoughts. I hope you find just the perfect rock for her, and maybe you might think about these ways to pay tribute to your best friend, too: planting a plant on her resting place, which is a living memorial to her and will always be growing, reminding you of her and letting you know that she lives on in this way, too. Making a memory book with her pictures, and writing her and your life story. And maybe, when you are ready, adopting another friend whose life you will be saving -- not as a replacement, because there can never BE a replacement when Tosha is unique! but as another way of paying tribute to your friend. All of my cats are rescues, and I know that when one of them goes on ahead of me, he or she would want me to save another cat, so I do. There is no more wonderful tribute than saving a life. Don't you think?

My prayers and healing thoughts go out for you -- and for Tosha, who I am sure is looking down on you from her place beyond suffering, beyond frailty, where she is whole and healthy again, and always loving you!
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Im sorry Sweetie you lost your sweet dog. I know its so cliche to hear that time will heal, but it does, it will get better.

You have many years of memories to cherrish and keep with you always of your sweet beloved Torsha.

Rest In Peace Torsha
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thanks guys. that idea of planting a tree is a good one, imight do that. heres a picture of her, not the best because most of the pictures i have of her are not on the computer because she was terrified of the camera:

and here is my fave pic of her:

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I'm so sorry for your loss, what a sweet faced girl she is

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I'm very sorry for your loss. It's hard to make that decission to have them pts too. But sometimes we just have to. RIP sweet girl!
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I'm very sorry for your loss. You gave her a peaceful transition into the next life. You did the right thing.

What a cutie she was. RIP Torsha
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP Torsha
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