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Do your multiple cats respond to their names?

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My cats don't really respond to their names, though they both respond to my way of general calling, which goes "Pssssss-pss-pss-pss..." They instantly react and will make a dicision on whether to come or not, but they look at me, knowing I called them. All cats I've ever had have responded to this sound, which carries far. My family used to have indoor / outdoor cats when I grew up, and sometimes my mother would have me go call the cat to come inside. I'd call like that for a little while, then all of a sudden the cat would appear, running and out of breath from having sprinted from a distance away. Seems like they could hear me "miles" away.

But when I have had more than one cat at a time and named them names like Smokey and Fluffy and the like, they don't seem to really know their names. Perhaps I'm not consistent enough in using their names at feeding times etc.??? Do your multiple cats respond and seem to know their names? Not just your voice indicating you are talking to them, but their actual names?
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Almost all mine know their names. Our newest addition ,Jazz, just learned his name after a month. They all come if I call, "Kitty, Kitty" to feed them. One of my cats, Tosh, comes whenever I call any cat. Besides him they all seem to know who is named what. I do talk to my cats individually using their names...not just during meal times.
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Both my cats know their names. They meow when I talk to them or call them by their name. I talk to them all the time
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All three of my cats know their names. Lucy recognizes hers even when I'm just talking about her and not calling her. She also recognizes Carly's and does a little growl.
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Yes, all of my cats know their names, they don't know "here kitty kitty". Only my most recent three additions that I took in as (partially socialized) adults do not come when called.
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All 6 know their names.
1 always comes when called, without fail, 2 others usually come, if they don't have something better to do and the other 3 are hit or miss.

But yes, they all respond individually to their names.

None of them know "Here kitty, kitty" as one of my birds who has since passed away would call "here kitty, kitty" and would bite any cat gullible enough to respond, then she'd laugh.
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Mine know their names and most often meowl at me when I call them. Eightball is my exception. He comes running when I call anyone.
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Mine know their names, also the group call of "puss puss kitty kitty kitty" they learnt that first as it always involves food!
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Mine always have ... thou Zoey comes out of a sound sleep( usually a opps is she out or in)
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Mine know their names but Berach is the only one that really looks every time his name is said.

Bea looks at me like, "what do you want NOW?".
Berach and Chloe usually come unless they're "busy".

But they all come to the generic kitty call ( I click my tongue three times and call "mrowr mrowr", haha)
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Mine all know their names and respond, though not always in the way I intend. As soon as I get them, I start saying their name over and over as I pet them or feed them, and they soon learn. Bonaparte is just getting the hang of it after three months, kittens learn faster. When one is doing something bad, I say the name and 'no' or 'down' in a loud and firm voice and they at least halt before resuming! Three (Ellie, Persil and Wellington) will usually stop what they are doing at once, although they often meow at me in protest. They all ignore anything not prefaced by their name unless I say 'cheese' or 'chicken' when they all come running.
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Yes, mine know their own name and the name of everyone else in the house. They respond to their own name and if they hear one of the other's names they will look towards that individual. They come running when I call them.
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Mine all know their name and their nicknames and all come when they are called, no matter what they are doing.

Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
All three of my cats know their names. Lucy recognizes hers even when I'm just talking about her and not calling her. She also recognizes Carly's and does a little growl.
Poor Carly
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Yes, I have to say they really do. I have been blessed (imo) with some exceptional cats and I can not see them, say their name, and the one I called will come ...if they feel like it
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They both know their names (although Mosi probably thinks his name is MosiNO) but only respond when they feel like it. Jaffa usually comes in case there's a chance of food but Mosi will only come if he's not doing something more interesting.
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My previous cat did respond to his name, which was great! I have a new kitten now (13 weeks) and I'm not so sure she knows her name. Any suggestions on how to teach her from the people in this thread, who say their cats respond to their names ?
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I don't have multiple cats, but I've got Oliver and a dog, Cuddles and although Cuddles is starting to lose her hearing (she's 13) they both know their individual names... Oliver will often come when called much like a dog would... he will also stop, turn and look at whoever calls his name if he's walking through a room or something - he responds to both Oliver and Ollie and most of the time will also respond to Bubba... they're the 3 most common things he's called
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All 4 of my kitties know their names and respond to them
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Yes, mine all know their names; they also know all of their nicknames. (this does not include names such as "You little " when they are naughty!) The only one who doesn't know his "real" name is Gabriel: I reckon it's b/c I never used it enough for him to associate it w/ himself. But he does know his nickname.

Geronimo also responds to "Psssst!" I usually resort to that when he's being a brat and won't come when I call him.

They also know words - such as: Num-num, Ummm-good, breakfast, no, bug, ball, lizard, bedtime, outside...a few others.

Whoever said that cats are stupid and can't learn words is ignorant, IMO. They just respond on THEIR terms!

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Oh yes, specially the 5 orphans I bottle fed. One time I was calling out for Yon but I kept on saying Ni. I saw Yon but she stood there looking at me not moving. Ni was sitting beside me with a "I'm here, are you blind?" expression on his face. When I realized my mistake and called the right name, Yon came to me immediately.
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All of my kitties (6) know their names, it is just if they want to come/pay me any attention when I call for them. They all know their nicknames too.
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18 out of 20 do - the ones that don't are the 5 week old baby and the newly rescued Cornie which I have re-named....
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Yes, all my cats know their names and respond appropriately. Some even "answer" me when I call them

A few times I called one by the wrong name and he/she didn't even look at me. When I used the correct name, they immediately looked up.
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Katie and Sassy knows their names, but poor baby Prince is still learning!!
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All three of mine know their names. Moose will come running when I call him; the other two will sometimes look at me, but always pretend they never heard me.
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They all know their own name. Well except for Sampson who is deaf.
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I have two and they both know their names, including their nicknames. They both look at me and meow when I say their names. Bailey only comes when he wants to. Gio always comes, running and meowing.
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Even though their names are really similar they seem to both know them. Polly definitely does and responds as well.
Both cats know my "kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty" call applies to both of them and usually dinner.
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Mine all know their names. Sometimes they respond to another cat's name if they know treats or cuddles are involved.

Stimpy will jump up and run over if I say his name and point at him or pat my leg (like you would for a dog). It's so cute!
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They all know their names and will at least look when I call them. The only confusion is around dinner time and that's basicly any move or noise I make causes them all to come running regarless of who I'm talking to.
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