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I survived!!

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Ok i said i was going to wait for the halloween pics to come out but being sick and out of work for a while now i figured hey why not get the costumes on now when i have time and take the pics. Kricket was not happy at all, but she has since forgiven me. Worm just didnt like the part that was on his head. Enjoy!!

Kricket is a dinosaur with a caveman on her back.

look at that happy face!!!

Worm is a prisoner, my boyfriend thought this was great because hes a corrections officer and said if i bought it he would bring a pic of him in uniform and Worm in costume to work with him. I said DEAL since he doesnt tell anybody how much he loves the cats.
Sorry they are against a black fish tank stand but its where he ended up after bugging out to get the hat off.


still not happy
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They look so thrilled. I just got home from work; this was a nice pick-me-up.
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I'd watch your back for a little while....
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I LOVE the outfit!!!
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Too cute! Worm looks like he would like to do something to you that could make him land in jail.
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those are great!!!! your kitties look very into the Halloween spirit
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oh how cutee

Worm is not too happy about it though!!
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that dinosaur w/caveman costume is priceless!!!
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thanks everybody....i survived through the nite, nobody took it out on me. Worm did wake me up every hour for 3 hrs this morning and i wanted to kill him. They are a lot happier w/out the costumes but thanks for looking and im glad it made some peoples nites!
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Those are GREAT
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Worm looks oh-so-handsome as a jailer...the fur color matches the costume perfectly!
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Those pictures are tooooooo cute!
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