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nutro issues and need a change

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I have been feeding my three cats nutro indoor dry formula. The poor babies have been having bouts of throwing up, which I attributed to hairballs. My new vet said that Nutro has a problem with causing upset tummies at times. The vet also mentioned that Sunshine, my 2 yr old male, has what appears on xray to be a slightly thickened instestinal lining and some pitting in his teeth. We have been free feeding dry nutro. We have been advised to switch to twice a day feeding and to get off the Nutro. I believe the Nutro indoor has a high carb content, so I guess the carb reduction may help with the intestinal thickening. The vet said that the thickening can be caused by the high fiber.

Any suggestions as to what I should try? I would like to do a mix of dry one day and wet the next, so they don't get used to wet only, incase I need to be gone one day all day long.


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Try the reg Natural choice it has more fat is moderate in carbs 27% vs I think 34 for the indoor ... NONE of them are HIGH fiber so that is not the problem//// are your s eating out of a elevated dish??? ... some cats try to glup the natural choice and vomit since it was designed to be chewed or at least bitten in half
If they like chicken California natural

You could try NB duck and pea .... mine dont do duck but some can

Natures variety has a rabbit and a salmon

I would do meals

other not simple but corn gluten free

solid gold ( high carbs low fat)

reg natural balence

chicken soup
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Had the same problem with Seamus and the indoor formula and Sharky suggested the same to me, to switch off the indoor formula to the regular Nutro... not one vomit since, and it's been about a month

PS Thanks Sharky!
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Great, I just bought some of the indoor formula because it was on sale (instead of the regular natural balance). Hopefully the kitties won't have any issues with it.

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the likely culprit in the indoor is soy protein isolate... it is there to aid in bone strenth.. BUT many cats cant handle it even the low amount in the indoor line
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