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OMG!! == Worms and Humans....

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This artical is freaky, what do you think is this true or is this person paranoid??

(I'm a bit freaked out after finding worms in my cats poop and then reading this artical! I think I should take my whole family to get tested for worms!)

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Test everyone... while the cat tape worm should be hard to catch it is possible ... I got pin worms from the dogs when I was young.. oh and 90% of the industrailized world s people have a parasite of some sort
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I took invertebrate zoo from a parasitologist who wormed ALL of his pets, MONTHLY.

I think you have to look at risk realistically, though. And the odds of being infected from your pets are actually overall quite low compared with many of the things we face daily. For instance, freeway driving ...
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It's a fact of life. Our bodies are the perfect host environment for many parasites. I don't worry too much about it. I just make sure that my hands are washed before I cook or eat, even when I'm out in a restaurant or mall. I make sure that my food is well cooked and that I don't cross contaminate surfaces with raw meat. And I live by the motto that if I have to ask myself if something is still ok to eat, I throw it out.
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